Submitted on June 9, 2021


Fabricante: Busscar
Modelo: Vissta Buss DD
Chassi: Mercedes-Benz O-500 RSD Bluetec 5
Câmbio: MB GO 210-6

Credits: BY EDSONV12


NeoMan Overhaul By Sobol 2.2.0 Gelenk Update Beta

Submitted on March 22, 2021


Pack of 169 variants of MAN and Neoplan A20, A21, A23, A39, A40, A42.

After long, long time - finally! Public beta update with solo, double decker and articulated versions of MAN Lion's City and Neoplan Centroliner Evolution. 169 versions in total.

2.2 version have various things updated, besides A23/A40/A42 articulated busses, there is also A39 DoubleDecker available. Euro 6 have reworked dashboard computer, reflexions are updated, there are repaintable walls and floors with included templates with patterns. Also - all versions (except A37) have CNG setvar, so that also reduced number of duplicated versions just for CNG, also that made N45 CNG versions possible. Some sounds were updated as well. There was many bugfixes, keep in mind that in pack of this scale it's impossible to avoid any bugs by doing it by just one person.

Thanks to all my patreons for supporting me for all that time! :cork:Pack will be updated, next probably with A26/A36 and its LE versions!

Credits: Sobol

Download: NEOMAN_Overhaul_2.2.7z (1 GB)

NovaBus LFS & LFSA

Submitted on March 19, 2021


NovaBUS LFS: "There are 15 different drivetrains between the Gen II, Gen III with transmissions of Allison (hybrid included), Voith, and ZF"

NovaBUS LFSA : "The first articulated vehicle developed for OMSI by a North American creator. Will include several variants between diesel & hybrid drivetrains."

Credits: polaris studios

Download: NovaBUS_LFSA.rar (182 MB)

Setra 415 NF v2

Submitted on February 26, 2021


After a long time, the v2 of the Setra 415NF are waiting for you.
Everything else can be seen in the ReadMe.
The Solaris Urbino II city bus family add-on is required.

Credits: Arne J.

Download: Setra_v2_Releaseversion.7z (98 MB)

Nysa 2.1

Submitted on February 23, 2021


NYSA — PROJEKT NUMER JEDEN Small Polish card for OMSI 2.

A high-quality map, worked out to the smallest detail. Regular project update.

▪ The map contains one route: 28 Piłsudskiego - 3 Maja
▪ Route length: 6.8 km ▪ Route time: 22 minutes
▪ There is a voice informant Version: 2.1, from 15.02.2021

Follow the news:
>> www.map.nysa.tilda.ws
>> www.facebook.com/map.nysa

Contact us:
>> [email protected]

© «MAP.NYSA», 2018 - 2021.

Credits: Studio «MAP.NYSA»

Download: http://catcut.net/HqaO

Regiobus Stuttgart S-RS 816

Submitted on February 4, 2021

Description: S-RS 816

Credits: iStanley

Download: https://sharemods.com/ofm0xohayd6s/RBS_816.zip.html

Ikarbus IK 103 BVG Pack

Submitted on January 23, 2021

Description: Download Repaint Here

Credits: filipbogicevic1404

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0vdg9xja76qlc6r/Kolor+Seme+2014.zip/file