MAN NG273 T4

Submitted on December 22, 2022


MAN NG273 T4
Very realistic bus mod for Omsi 2 with great sounds

Credits: JohnCzilow

Download: MAN_NG273_T4.7z (807 MB)

Isuzu Novo Lux Beta V0.5

Submitted on December 22, 2022


It's the first time we do the Novolux Omsi.
Type: Effect
Convert : DüzerOTO / Efecan Nergis
There are some small reaction errors in the car. I'm sure you'll take a piece of the car and set another mode.
Everything about MODEL belongs to us! It's forbidden to use without permission.

Credits: DüzerOTO / Efecan Nergis


Mercedes-Benz Integro C633

Submitted on November 26, 2022

Description: Versions Euro 6 and Euro 5. Manual / automatic transmission. Realistic sounds.

Credits: Jendomen

Download: Mercedes-Benz_Intouro_MB_C633_omsi_2.rar (124 MB)

Hyundai Electricity 2022MY (PIEV)

Submitted on November 22, 2022


Please unzip and check the files inside. (README required)
Please paste the files in each folder into each folder. (OMSI 2\fonts, OMSI 2\Vehicles)
The Drawing Confirmation folder contains the modeler file used to validate the drawing and the psd required for the drawing. Use this file to paint.


1. All copyright of the plug-in belongs to Hyundai Motor, the first author.
2. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to use it for profit purposes, such as paid sales, to obtain financial benefits.
2-1. All problems encountered by users during use. The developer assumes no responsibility.
3. This plug-in can upload photos and videos in all communities, which is the same as the existing modern bus series.
4. It is allowed to add or modify sundries in plug-ins for secondary creation.
4-1. This plug-in is developed for OMSI2. Games or
It is prohibited to ship programs and other plug-ins.
4-2. Since it is converted to user development, there is no formal additional update.
4-3. There may be multiple unreported errors because they are not full versions. No further questions will be asked in this part.


모델링 : 멀베리즙, 구자윤님
스크립팅 및 차량 기틀 마련 : 태화님, 노을님
차량 텍스쳐 제작 및 제공 : 일칠육공님
차량구동음 제공 및 제작 : BLACKPINK님, 삼 한님
디버그 작업 도움 : JAKOMO님, 파벽지생님

Download: Portable_Final.7z (189.9 MB)

Ataman A092H6

Submitted on July 25, 2022

Description: Ataman А092Н6


Model by Vitaly L.
Sounds by KseNon_435
information and sound records Charley B., Andriy789, Valentyn Obodianskyi and others..

Download: Ataman_A092H6_rel_ver.7z (75 MB)

Iveco Crossway LE - Bratislava Repaint

Submitted on July 19, 2022


This repaint is not entirely successful considering that this Iveca is driven in Slovakia with a 3-door modification, but unfortunately in OMSI there is only a 2-door version. I hope he likes it anyway.




Credits: HracTV

Download: Bratislava_Rapaint.rar (0.75 MB)