OMSI 2 AI Traffic

Holder C2.42 AI

Submitted on November 4, 2019


New addition to the artificial intelligence in the form of cleaning car Holder C2.42 AI from authors joker, LMG-123 into your maps in a virtual world OMSI Omnibus Simulator.

ailists.cfg: vehicles\Holder_C2.42_AI\
parklist_p.txt: vehicles\Holder_C2.42_AI\parked_Holder_C2.42.sco

Credits: joker

Download: Holder_C2.42_AI.rar (7 MB)

Realistic AI Pack by Mokas

Submitted on August 27, 2019

Description: The pack adds: Mazda ATENZA, Volvo V60, Volvo V90, Cowin 2, Santana.


Credits: Mokas

Download: AI.rar (24.4 MB)

AI narrow-gauge railway 1.0.0

Submitted on July 25, 2018

Description: BR99 222 of the HSB and suitable passenger cars
Some may already have discovered this train on the map Eberlinsee-Schönau, most probably not yet. Now he is here again separately, very eager to sometimes cruise on other maps. Model for the locomotive was the BR99 222 HSB, the wagons I have stolen the Wangerooger island railway. The implementation was not easy, especially the Fitzelkram with the transmission rods of the steam locomotive (which, to my knowledge, the first steam locomotive for Omsi is, I just want to mention), but thanks to the energetic support of Chrizzly92 the train now runs like clockwork.
The whole goes on Metererspurgleisen, but there is a lot of material in my trolley set. If equipped accordingly in the editor, and provided with a matching farm file, passengers also board the train. There are train files for a total of six different constellations (three different wagon colors, each once with the locomotive forward, once backwards).
I wish you a lot of fun with it, and hope there is one or the other joker who can do something with it.

Credits: Kartoffelphantom

Download: (30.8 MB)

VW Passat Variant AI Car

Submitted on June 4, 2018

Description: VW Passat Variant AI Car 2000 - 2005

Credits: Piotr Rozmysłowski, converted by O530 Citaro

Download: (1.04 MB)

China's AI Traffic Pack v1.0

Submitted on June 4, 2017

Description: This mod contains 4 CN's AI Traffics

Credits: 巴士四汽

Download: CN_AI_PACK_1_0.rar (32.8 MB)



MB Mischer AI Truck

Submitted on August 10, 2014

Description: Add “vehicles\MB_Mischer\MB_Mischer.bus into ailists.cfg in Map folder

Credits: Jakub

Download: (6.12 MB)

KamAZ 55102_65115 AI Traffic v1.1

Submitted on July 9, 2014


Works for OMSI 2 only.


Моделъ и текстуры:moskur,Red_Shark
Конвертация и скрипты:moskur