Mercedes Benz Irvine Citaro 12m & 18m

Submitted on October 13, 2019


We now provide you with the Irvine Citaro from Mercedes Benz for OMSI. Included are the 12m and 18m versions with gas and diesel engines.

Credits: Sven Daniel

MB_Citaro_Irvine_ReleaseV1.0.7z (314 MB)


Submitted on October 12, 2019


A realistic map of Wuzhou City in southwest China.
Contains 3 routes: 7, 48, 49.

Credits: 咩氏er

Download: (462 MB) & Hof File (2 KB)

London Citybus 200

Submitted on October 12, 2019


Here is the working link for the Enviro 200 (C200) for OMSI 2!
The blinds do not work, which is sad, but enjoy the bus!

Credits: Dylan Thomas


Ferry Boat Brasil

Submitted on October 11, 2019


Note: It only picks up passengers, I still can't make the cars get on the ferry!
The Ferry is part of the ailists of the sea city map!


MODELAGEM: Marcos Paulo.
SCRIPT: Marcos Elias e Comil Svelto 2000 – Eudes Santos
TEXTURAS: Comil Svelto 2000 – Eudes Santos
MATRIX: Marcos Paulo.
LUZES: Marivaldo Cardial
SOM: Marivaldo Cardial
SOM DA BUZINA: Marcos Paulo

Download: Ferry_Boat.rar (19 MB)

MAN Lion's City G A23 beta

Submitted on September 30, 2019


The articulated comes with the normal MAN dashboard, over-seats, interior swing doors front, sliding swing doors in the middle and rear and many more things. Model technically this is so far final, but is declared as beta, since the physics is not yet perfect, for such a modern vehicle (bucking and co). We hope that a few people could help us with the scripts of the Schlenkis, that the driving physics is better adapted.
We hope you still enjoy the bus and wish you an enjoyable ride!
Best regards,
the entire MAN LC city bus family team

Credits: OMSI - Project MAN LC Family/

Download: (900 MB)

ADL Enviro200 MMC V1

Submitted on September 27, 2019


It's been over 6 months in production and wait is finally over. I'm proud to present to you my latest creation, the Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC!
A quick big thanks to all those that helped make this bus what it is, you're all amazing and credited in the user guide.
Let's get down to the nitty gritty, what are the features?
Modern looking ‘City’ styled exterior
Two initial length variations, the 8.9m and 11.5m (3 more lengths in a later update) with near as accurate handling characteristics
Simulated performance of a 180hp Cummins ISB 4.5l engine
Voith DIWA.6 4-speed gearbox
Choice of two styles of engine start/stop
Auto-levelling suspension with kneeling function
Detailed VDO dashboard
Two styles of cab assault screen
Choice of nearside mirror next to entrance or on extended arm
Authentically modelled Ticketer ticket machine with boot-up, login and fare screens (More may come in an update)
Cab CCTV monitor (Changes to rear view when reversing)
Choice of cab or saloon air conditioning units
Comfy and modern civic passenger seating
Unique next-stop bell sounds for both saloon and disabled notifications
Two styles of infotainment screen displaying adverts updated via the internet
Optional saloon sunroof for a bright and airy feeling inside
Operable battery and engine compartment flaps
Working wheelchair ramp
Templates are included in /texture/templates for repainters
Please ensure you read the included manual in /docs to get the best out of your experience with this bus. Included is also a list of setvars for those that may wish to style the 200 MMC to their liking.

Credits: V3D

Download: V3Ds_ADL_Enviro_200_MMC_v1.0.7z (154 MB)

Schelkovo 2019 Map

Submitted on September 27, 2019


The final verson of the card after much refinement. All patches are included, nothing more to download! Description:simulated routes in cities served by a / c 1785 Schelkovo. Present cities:Moscow (the area of the bus station and Schelkovo highway), Schelkovo (with suburbs), Fryazino, Fryanovo,Monino,Losino-Petrovsky, as well as many villages and villages of the Schelkovo district. There are 43 playable routes on the map (see the description of the map).
Attention! NOT for weak computers! The archive is maximally shrunk, unpacked 13GB!

Credits: Omsier Shchel  michailkarpov154

Download: Schelkovo.7z (2.77 GB)

Wright Eclipse Gemini 1 Templates

Submitted on September 22, 2019


- Import these .TGA (Targa) Files in this archieve into your editor of choise (Paint.NET, GIMP or Photoshop are good options)
- Name the template layer accordingly (ie. Template) so that you can easily identify it.
- Create a new layer called 'Paint Layer' and set it to 'Multiply'.
- Once you have created your basic paint layer and painted, you can now create several groups/folders to keep extra elements (eg. Logos & Adverts)
- Save two versions of your file, a file that allows you to easily return to your repaint and edit, and also export as a .TGA file for use in-game.

Credits: Liam Wigley