NEOMAN Overhaul v2.0 (BETA - 03/2020)

Submitted on March 23, 2020


Pack of 58 variants of MAN A20, A21, A37 and Neoplan N4516 busses.
That was long way for it, but finally - fully playable beta of NEOMAN Overhaul - 58 fully playable versions of A20, A21, A37 /and Neoplan N4516/ in diesel, CNG, LPG and Hybrid variants.
I'm releasing it just because I want you to sit in home, as now we have Coronavirus crisis in Europe. Nothing else to say there, so, have a safe (virtual) trip!

Credits: Sobol

Download: Neoman_Overhaul.rar (977 MB)

Liaz 5292.67

Submitted on March 21, 2020


Immediately make a reservation that this is an “attempt” (or zakos) to make exactly .67 and precisely 2017. The driver’s cab didn’t change from the word at all, the cab remained from the 2012 model, for example, well and so in the little things the lyase-drocher is sure to find what to dig into. I did it for myself, but suddenly someone comes in handy, I’m not greedy.Alteration based on LIAZ 5292.22 2012 (from the Liazov pack)
– Added HBO
– Removed ASKP (entry-exit through all doors equally)
– Added seats for the driver (passcode corrected, as well as the sticker on capacity)
– Seats and doors from 2017 (seat textures)
– Repainting of the Nizhny Novgorod NPAT
– Added two static MUs (removable)
– All sorts of little things

Credits: Bendowls

Download: (154 MB)

Hyundai County V1.0

Submitted on March 20, 2020


Hyundai County is a small bus occupying a niche berween minibusws and medium-sized buses. Designed in south Korea by Hyundai motor Company. Since April 2010, the bus has been assembled, under license, at the plant of LLC KuzbassAvto in the kemerovo Region.
This model is more suitable for AI. The model was converted without significant changes. The model lacks PU buttons, low quality textures, sounds not from Hyundai County, etc.

Credits: Machine Time

Download: (33 MB)

Realistic SweetFX Setting Adjusted by Kingto

Submitted on March 13, 2020


Hello everyone, today I bring you a realistic SweetFX setting adjusted by me & Hans Johnson.
The setting changes the dim graphic to bright light effect.
OMSI Sky Mod v1.0 is required as the default sky would turn white.
Copy all files to OMSI 2 root folder.
You could type 'insert' key to enable or disable the effect.


Model: LnD
Convert: LnD
Engine sounds: Morphi
They helped me in model, textures, scripts: JXBELL, nemeza, Pádár Martin

Download: Kingto__x27_s_SweetFX_1.0.2.rar (6 KB)

Alexander ALX400 - Volvo B7TL v1.03

Submitted on February 24, 2020


It's finally here! I present to you the Volvo B7TL with Alexander ALX400 bodywork by V3D and the DigiBus team (But mainly by V3D). I used to drive these when they were brand-new back in 2000 and wanted to represent such an iconic bus in the world of OMSI 2 and I think that I've done it justice. Now you can enjoy it to for many years to come.


  • Highly detailed 10.55m variant of the ALX400 series body in First bus specification
  • Authentic Volvo B7TL sounds recorded from the real thing
  • Volvo D7C engine with a choice of two power ratings
  • Voith D854 gearbox
  • Kneeling and 'Ferry-lift' suspension
  • Flip-dot matrix display
  • Fully working dashboard with clock display, warning lights and height adjustment button
  • Wayfarer TGX150 ticket machine with preset ticket types and delay countdown
  • Saloon CCTV monitor
  • Several First bus default repaints included
  • Repaint templates and multiple setvars to help you customise each bus to your liking
  • Blinds by TecnoSam

Credits: V3D

Download: ALX400 - Volvo B7TL by V3D v1.02.7z (111 MB)

Russian Outback Map V1.4

Submitted on February 16, 2020


Fictional map of the Russian outback. Goes well on weak PCs.

On the map there are 5 routes:

4 (11 km):
1: Ylitsa Dekabristov (4) – Voskresenskoe Vyisadka
2: Voskresenskoe – Dispetcherskaya (4)

10 (2 km):
1: Ylitsa Dekabristov (10) – Sokolniki Vyisadka
2: Sokolniki – Dispet (10)

111 (19.4 km):
1: Autostanziya 111 – Tserkov Ioanna Voina Konechka
2: Tserkov Ioanna Voina – Autostanziya 111 Konechka

119 (5.7 km):
1: Rosino – Solnechnyi vyisadka
2: Solnechnyi – Rosino vyisadka

122 (40 km):
1: Autostanziya 122 – Ylitsa Lenina Vyisadka
2: Ylitsa Lenina – Autostanziya 122 Vyisadka

(Previous versions of the card are not required. The mod is packed with one archive)
1 Copy the contents of the archive to the game folder, agreeing to a replacement. Throw the HOF file into folders with the necessary buses. The very first launch of the card should be done “without a bus”

Credits: liaz677

Download: Russkaya_glubinka_1.4_RELEASE.7z (895 MB)

TransBus ALX400 - Dennis Trident 2 (Regional) 1.03

Submitted on February 10, 2020


The previously 'Donators Only' Regional ALX400 is now available for free and to all!To keep 3rd party file use to a minimum I have kept the ALX fairly simple. This means that I've only included the flip-dot matrix display, my own previously recorded engine sounds, a simple 4-speed Voith transmission and a new ticket machine.


Additional scripting by Roadhog
Additional sounds by Badger
Edits to LED matrix scripts by DVA_MEKA18 Projects
Default scripts by M&R

Download: Regional_TransBus_ALX400_by_Belevenis_Design_v1.03.7z (178 MB)

Citaro Facelift BVG EN06

Submitted on January 29, 2020


- Berlin Citaro Facelift 2 doors in a total of 6 variants
- Special LAWO characters from the advent calendar work
- Repaints from IbisCitea and N1ckl4s are included
- 3 different ticket printers
- Side signs in different positions
- New seating arrangement
- Space for over 100 passengers

Credits: Tatrafan99

Download: MB_O530_BVG_EN06_EvoBus .rar (392 MB)