MB O530 Request Mod

Submitted on August 20, 2020

Description: Request sound mode for MB O530 2 and 3-door models.

Credits: selimyvuz_

Download: https://mega.nz/file/u1cmGY6a#a1yZXpDLdw1Sg16n9epshxGfmJehkCTa5fqGLqOI1cc

Sound Mod For MAN NL/NG

Submitted on August 4, 2020

Description: Sound Mod For MAN NL/NG Sound Recorder & Edit : ALTPEKMODS

Credits: ALTPEKMODS, Morphi

Download: https://sharemods.com/sngiue6jq7w6/MANSMOD.zip.html

Solbus SolCity BVG Skin Pack

Submitted on August 1, 2020


Hello guys I am ALTPEKMODS I present the skin package I made today. and here comes Solbus SolCity BVG Skin Pack good games. :)


Download:  https://sharemods.com/jc3n9ol7v3tq/SS-BVG-Pack.zip.html

Solbus Solcity Openbeta 1.0b

Submitted on July 28, 2020


Solbus SolCity beta release with 5 busses in 10, 12 and 18 meter variants. (Polish versions!)
Pack of polish bus Solbus SolCity SM10/SM12/SM18 in 5 variants.
I'm releasing beta just beceuse someone leaked it. Feel happy now.
SM10 2D / SM10 3D - MIDI 10.5m
SM12 3D - MAXI 12m, also available with LNG version
SM18 4D - MEGA 18m articulated bus
This is early beta, so except some bugs, at least all should be perfectly playable.

Credits: Sobol

Download: https://reboot.omsi-webdisk.de/license/4143-solbus-solcity-openbeta-1-0b/?versionID=6618

Mercedes-Benz O303 V1.1.1

Submitted on July 12, 2020


O305 Addon is required.

Version 1.1.1:
Bug fixing
- Passengers also get in with single doors
- Reversing lights with automatic
- Automatic transmission revised
- Matrix lighting corrected
- Printer cable removed from automatic button console (AFR 200)

Credits: Perotinus

Download: Perotinus_MB_O303_V1-1-1.zip (281 MB)

MARCOPOLO PARADISO G7 1200 SCANIA / K400 6×2// K360 4×2

Submitted on July 3, 2020


Credits: Edsonv12 , BRUNO PESSOA,MEP,Marcos Henrique,Enzo Caldeirini

Download: MARCOPOLO G7 1200 SCANIA BY EDSONV12.rar (106 MB)