Submitted on August 26, 2019


After two months the Development of the Neoplan N4416 is now coming to an end. I release the bus only as Solo and in this Version. The rest is work for the nice and good-working modders. I atteched the donwload the knownledge for repaints and the model-files.
I say thank you for help to
-O303 Fan
-Neoplan Vest
Thanks to you OMSI could become what it is today.
Furthermore I say thank you to my BETA-testers, who could find the mistakes.
Have fun with the N4416.

Credits: MVAG

Download: Neoplan_N4416-V1.rar (287 MB) & Font.rar & Model Fix.rar  

Ikarbus IK-103

Submitted on August 25, 2019


I thank everyone for their help, especially the members and friends Becks89, drndarevicnikola, Azzoni94, Se7en, Marrecar, Bogdan12, Gonzales.
This model is a beta version and its work will not be continued.
The model of Serbian bus factory "Ikarbus A.D" was built between October 2002 and May 2004, the originally with Man engine gave it phenomenal driving characteristics.

- Technical Specifications -

Length: 11.800 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height: 3300 mm

Engine: MAN D2866UH, 150 kW at 2200 RPM
Gearbox: Voith D851.2
Maximum speed: 72 km/h

Empty weight: 10930 kg
Gross weight: 17.000 kg

Seats upper deck: 47
Seats lower deck: 32
Standing places: 17

Credits: GSP-MERCEDES, icacar98


MAN NG313 Lion's City STCP

Submitted on August 22, 2019

Description: You may install Addon Bremen-Nord.

Credits: omsi-finlay

Download: MAN NG313 Lion's City STCP.rar (507 MB)

'Master' Bus Gen 3

Submitted on August 13, 2019

Description: This DLC is a pack of renditions of the Wright Gemini 3 series of buses, including Streetdeck, B5TL, and B5LH variants.

Credits: Aerosoft



Grundorf 171-175

Submitted on August 12, 2019

Description: Grundorf is a extension of the normal one.It has 4 lines and one special line. Have Fun. Line 173 is at the moment WiP.

Credits: (me)

Download: (408 MB)

İstanbul 4 Levent Şişli

Submitted on August 3, 2019


Cityline from Istanbul , Between Sirintepe and Sisli .

Driveable Lines:
27 (27T) Sirintepe Sisli (Real)
IBIS Line:02700 Route: 01
61 4.Levent IETT Garaj Sisli (Fictive)
IBIS Line:06100 Route: 01

Special Thank for Editor My Big Brother Ercan (oldcitylee) and very very thanks for support ,objects : 1942ertan, KRaL SLeePForeveR,sabahci, alicansaglam,TeDDi HaLiL21 utku96 and family of Kamyoncuyuz.Biz

Memorial of Kizim ...

Credits: berkandagci


Neoplan Tourline 18

Submitted on August 3, 2019


There are 32 repainting Automatic and manual transmissions.
Externally from the Man Lion Coach.
Perhaps someone wants to bring the model to mind.

Credits: omsi2turk

Download: (111 MB)

Man EN92 Dirty Skin & Sound Mod!

Submitted on August 1, 2019


Hi Drivers New Man EN92 Dirty Skin & Sound Mod!



Download: ManDirty.rar (147 MB)