Iveco Crossway LE - Busem Repaint

Submitted on July 19, 2022


Repaint Busem For Iveco Crossway LE



Credits: HracTV

Download: Repaint_Busem.rar (1.1 MB)

PAZ 32054 || BCA-3033 (2016)

Submitted on June 25, 2022


Main changes v2.0:
- Correct gearbox (fixed the location of the reverse gear
- Colorings are now in one folder, and not in two as before

- Ability to color the "Partition"
- Ability to color "Panel"
- Added the ability to colorize the "Large side plate"
- Added the ability to paint "Vinyl windshield stickers", each (of 4 parts) is removed separately.
- New location MU + 1 additional
- Setvars to change the seat (Factory or Lux)
vis_32054_sidtype (PAZ 32054)
vis_320543033_sidtype (BCA 3033)

Instructions for coloring, you will find in the coloring folder, everything is painted there, how to do it

Credits: Mikl Yozhik

Download: BCA3033_and_PAZ_32054_Version_2.0.7z (110 MB)

EGO MAN v5 - Electric & CNG

Submitted on June 8, 2022


* What's up?
* Man Lions Classic new generation panel,
* Man Lions Classic CNG Voith and ZF options,
* Man Lions Classic EGO Electric version,
* Realistic new sounds,
* Electric version specific indicators,
* Alcoa rim,
* Refurbished seats,
* Increased passenger capacity,
* Openable engine hood (for electric)
* Center post wiper type,
* Includes Ankara EGO, Yeşilköy, Belen ÖHO repaints.

* Warnings !

1. If you have installed EGO v4 mod before, delete it and install this mod.
2. To open the hood in the electric version, press and hold its upper part with the mouse and pull.
3. It is forbidden to use the Alcoa wheel model on other bus and lions classic modifications.

We thank Kaan Yıldırım and Ömer Akyol for their great contributions.


Download: EGOMAN-Electric_v5.rar (223 MB)

F1 2022 Repaint for Mercedes-Benz Citaro Facefilt

Submitted on April 25, 2022


Mod Trailer:

F1 22 style repaint for MB Citaro O530G. Required mod:

All F1 2022 drivers, number and partners on paint.

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© 2022 H Modding Team // All Rights Reserved!

Credits: H Modding Team


Hyundai County

Submitted on April 5, 2022

Description: Korean Hyundai County Bus


Download: Hyundai County.7z (162 MB)

Irisbus Renault Agora line 3 Doors

Submitted on March 27, 2022


Good morning all. I allow myself to present you my little mod but this time in 3 Doors version and in ZF. Have fun with it, you will find pleasure in it.

Hello everyone I hope you are doing well.

After the release of my Scania Citywide GNV and the Irisbus Renault Agora Line Ex-RATP, I allow myself today to present you a version but in 3 Doors. I know the wait was quite long overall but my goal is to combine business with pleasure. There are two versions of which: K+ and K++ and that in ZF and this is promising.

You have only 3 skins including:

MZK Torow
TCL Lyon 69( FR )
Palmedor 4004.

Changes and modifications made:

- Redesign of the external 3d rather the Line part
- A trunk redone with beautiful details
- Line rear curve rectified
- Redesign of the left and right side of the Line part
- Template in 3231X2600
- Re-size of the Line interior
- Addition of windows and rain windows to the template
- Addition of animated windows and rain windows on the template
- Added new Setvars
- Changed the texture of the Dashboard ( Palubka )
- Added 3 .blend in the archive (Blend)
- New ps sounds: be attentive in order to hear well
- Change of scripts

Added Setvars:

- vis_REN= 1 2 or 3
- vis_hubcaps= 0 or 1
- vis_PUB= 0 or 1
- vis_clim= 0 or 1
- vis_flags= 0 or 1

Attention, the setvar ( vis_REN ) contains 3 different logos.

vis_REN=1= Renault logo
vis_REN=2= Renault Irisbus logo
vis_REN=3= Irisbus logo

I hope this mod will please you as much and if you need help, do not hesitate to contact me ;)


Elements for repainting (Palmedor): Jihem
Some 3D elements and some sounds: TheFMrr
Seat support: Citelis Rondeau
Basic model of the Renault Agora S Euro2: Kosac
Bryan Nirlo
Omsi2 Drivers

Download: (567 MB)

Pavlovo Bus 4234 2017(-04/-05)

Submitted on March 26, 2022


-Update sound
-Update ext
-Update int
-Fix old errors
-New extras
Den4ik Projects Team ✌ No war 🕊


Model by: Den Ushakov, Vitaly L. ,Ackerman 
Converting in OMSI: Ackerman 
Sounds: Dark Wolf & Ackerman
Thanks: Laimis, CHapaeFF, Kirill Kiselev, Mikhail Plehanov, and others..

Download: PAZ_4234_PACK_3.rar (172 MB)