Mercedes-Benz O303-15 KHP-L

Submitted on March 6, 2020


To operate the MB O 303, the add-on "City bus O 305" must be installed! The MB O 305 contained there must be in the folder Omsi → Vehicles → MB_O305. In OMSI 2, the included KI-O 305 is not sufficient as a basis.
The content of the zip file must simply be extracted into the OMSI standard directory (steamapps → common → OMSI 2).


Modell: Perotinus
Texturen: Perotinus, MR-Software (OMSI-Standardtexturen),
Texturfotos: Tristan98, MAN_Rgbg (Almex-Drucker-Fotos)
Soundverarbeitung: Perotinus
Soundaufnahmen: Tristan98, e2h1986, MR-Software, MAN-Fan SH (Youtube), O405N (Youtube), Morphi, Marc1972 (Haltewunschsummer), mbcitarofan (aus MAN ÜL)
Scripts: iTram, Tatra, Chrizzly92, Rolf Westphalen, MR-Software, Julian, Arne J., Perotinus

Download: (246 MB)