OMSI 2 Non-bus Vehicles

VW Constellation 8x4 Bitruck

Submitted on October 6, 2020


VW Constellation 8x4 Bitruck


MOD do site
Editor: Allan(50cemt)
reeditor: marcinho edit's
Script Letreito: Marcos Elias
Som: Cristhian Cardoso
Som Trio: Eudes Santos
Conversão para OMSI:  Eudes Santos
Traillers e extras Eudes Santos

Download: Constellation by Eudes Santos.7z (80 MB)

Tram Konstal 105Na

Submitted on June 26, 2020


- the main author of the add-on is MichauSto aka M. A. N. U. L.
- no reupload
- the model is at an early stage of development, but it can be qualified as a "playable beta" for the sake of working driving function, passenger service and complete cabin equipment;
- we do not answer questions related to the installation and operation of the add-on;
- we kindly ask you not to report bugs - that's what testers are and we are aware that things are still missing;
- it's still beta - you install at your own risk!
The version for Trainz 2019 was not a joke, moreover, from that moment it gets priority in development.

Credits: Michał Stobienia (kontousuniete_1885), Piotr Lenartowicz (Pitoras), Dawid Lorenc, Patryk Bednarczyk, Igor Sułek, Paweł Nowinowski


Tram T6M-700, T6M-400 Sofia 100 & T8M-301 Bulgaria 1300 V3

Submitted on May 22, 2020


After almost 5 months of work I present you my first models - the bulgarian series T6M-700, T6M-400 Sofia 100 and T8M-301 Bulgaria 1300.
A little history. The tram network in Sofia was opened in 1901 and was served by 1000mm gauge cars. After WW1 the track was in so poor conditions that after measurements it was decided to resize it to 1009mm. Until WW2 most part of the vehicles were delivered from european manufacturers. In 1936 was built the first bulgarian tram in ing. Kardalev' s workshop. This event marks the beginning of the bulgarian tram production. Later the workshop was natinalized and given the name "Tram factory - Sofia" and started a massive production based only on the usage of bulgarian parts. In the 80's was introduced the new two section model T6M-400 named Sofia 100 after the 100th anniversary of Sofia's proclamation of capital. T8M-301 was introduced shortly after, a three section model of the existing Sofia 100, named Bulgaria 1300 after the state's 13th century anniversary. In 1985 was introduced an improved version of Sofia 100, the T6M-700 which has a new bogie with group drive of wheelsets.
This package contains three models, T6M-400, T8M-301 and T6M-700. Because of the few differences between the two section models they are grouped under the name of T6M-700. However some adjustments can be made trough CTI_ Textures. The two section model comes with the unique modification of a snowplow Sofia 100 no. 416.
! Before playing you should add new key events manually. More information in the readme!

Credits: CometBG, technical support by the community of

Download: Tramkar_bundle_12.5.2020 .zip (530 MB)

Antique Tram

Submitted on July 24, 2019


A antique tram from the early 20th century with railcars and sidecars. Rough model are the 1905-1911 built TW 32-54 and BW 142-145 of the Innsbruck tram. However, I have allowed myself a degree of artistic freedom, so that in spite of all similarities strictly speaking are fictitious vehicles. However, my goal was anyway to build a typical for the time tram with their typical characteristics, without replicating a concrete role model down to the last detail. I paid particular attention to the most authentic driving behavior possible (even if there are limits, of course). In any case, the vehicle drives like an old tram and not like a bus on rails.
Attention: So that all keyboard commands work, they must be copied manually during the installation => read manual before!

Credits: iTram

Download: (82 MB)

Wuling Sunshine Microvan

Submitted on May 9, 2019

Description: The Wuling Sunshine is a five- to eight-seater Microvan made by SGMW ( SAIC-GM-Wuling ), a Chinese joint venture of SAIC with Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co and the U.S. carmaker General Motors.


Credits: DL3D studio

Download: WuLing.rar (60.9 MB)

Toyota Land Cruiser 105

Submitted on May 2, 2019

Description: Very high quality model and envelope machine. Manual transmission. There are several repaints. Suitable for pokatushek on the map, functions: hood, trunk (left and right door), 4- doors + lock, multimedia and all buttons except the gearshift lever. There is not a big "farm". P.S. There is no HOF file, but if you experiment, you can insert it, but I do not know if passengers are seated.

Credits: Jay, mutant

Download: Toyota_Land_Cruiser_105_beta________Omsi_2.rar (41 MB)

GAZ 3221

Submitted on February 8, 2018


RELEASE / We disassemble machines / KeysGASEL, GAS 3221, etc.
In the archive there are 11 modifications of GAZel with different variants of interior planning (7,12,13,15 seats), engine sounds, toning, automatic doors and other.
Many details of removable tuning

Credits: GAZ Mafia