Veselkino Fictional Map

Submitted on September 21, 2019


The map includes part of the old city and the picturesque atmosphere of the suburban area.
Contains 3 routes; 1 city, 2 suburban.

route 7 :
1 Autovokzal Terminal 7 – Ylitsa Voinov
Route length – 2.493 km
2: Ylitsa Voinov – Autovokzal Terminal 7
Route length – 3.137 km
101 route
1: Autovokzal Terminal 101 – Ivolgina ylitsa
Route length – 11.718 km
2: Ivolgina ylitsa – Autovokzal Terminal 101
Route length – 13.626 km
234 route
1: Autovokzal Terminal 234 – Kooperativ Veselkino
Route length – 5.343 km
2: Kooperativ Veselkino – Autovokzal Terminal 234
Route length – 6.307 km

Credits: liaz677

Download: Veselkino_RELEASE.7z (780 MB)

Heuliez Bus GX137 BETA 2.5

Submitted on September 20, 2019

Description: This is an French bus build by Heuiliez Bus 

Credits: Fodev 3D

Download: GX137 BETA2.5 (395 MB)

YUTONG H8 Plug-in Hybrid Bus Beta

Submitted on September 9, 2019


Yutong H8 plug-in hybrid city bus.
Its NOT allowed to Re-Upload. Respect the Original Link.

Credits: Ferry, Bokai Studio

Download: ZK6850CHEVPG35.rar (106.9 MB)

Citaro Ü & GÜ nach WEB Vorbild

Submitted on September 5, 2019


This download brings you two Citaro facelifts to Weser-Ems-Bus role model.
Once 07039, Citaro facelift Ü, ex Saar-Pfalz bus, and once 07412, Citaro facelift GÜ, own purchase. Both BJ 2007.

Credits: Arne J..

Download: WEB_Citaro.7z (116 MB)

Hong Kong West Kowloon V3.00

Submitted on September 1, 2019


The real map of Hong Kong with left-hand traffic. The journey time, depending on the route, is 40-45 min. Express 6X is 15-18 min.
The author has placed 2 versions of the map: standard and "Lite". On the first one the drop of fps can be even up to 10, so I definitely recommend this lite.
Attention! The original ailist.cfg contains a vehicle named (folder) AI_KMB_DENNIS available only on the Chinese forum, you need to change the path to some other available bus. I tested several as AI and recommend Dennis Enviro 500MMC.

Credits: taxidriverhk


Little Village

Submitted on August 30, 2019


Village - a fictional map of Russia
Contains two bus routes:
21 routes
1- Autostanziya - Uspenskoe
2- Tserkov Petra i Fevronii - Autostanziya Konechnaya
Travel time in each direction 13-15 minutes.
22 route
1- Uspenskoe - Alekseevo Konechnaya
2- Tserkov Serafima Sarovskogo - Tserkov Petra i Fevronii Konechnaya
Travel time in each direction 13-15 minutes.
1 Copy the contents of the archive to the game folder, agreeing to a replacement. Throw the HOF file into folders with the necessary buses. The very first launch of the card should be done "without a bus".

Credits: liaz677

Download: DEREVENKA.7z (448 MB)

Neoplan Centroliner Euro 3 V0.7 Beta

Submitted on August 28, 2019


The beta version of my Neoplan Centroliner is now available to the public!
The bus is based on a real model, the RE-BX 2070 of the company. Castroper Husar E. Schmudde KG, which was not equipped at the time of model making for regular service and therefore ran as a school bus and so I have implemented it.
The vehicle is equipped with a MAN D28 engine and a ZF Ecomat transmission and equipped to KöR standards.
I would like to say that the model is neither completely functional, faultless or even finished!
Installation please refer to the "Read Me!" File.

Credits: Kevin2704

Download:  Release_Neoplan_Centroliner_Euro3_V_0.7.rar

Realistic AI Pack by Mokas

Submitted on August 27, 2019

Description: The pack adds: Mazda ATENZA, Volvo V60, Volvo V90, Cowin 2, Santana.


Credits: Mokas

Download: AI.rar (24.4 MB)