Stadsregio Vlietlanden V2

Submitted on December 11, 2019


There it is City Region Vlietlanden V2.
It is the very last incarnation of the map. After this, nothing will be changed and this version is not further supported. You will have to solve any problems yourself or in collaboration with your fellow users. As of today, the project team has also been dissolved and the team will no longer provide support.
What are the changes in V2:
• Cosmetic adjustments such as loose road signs;
• A new line;
• Adjustments to the timetable;
• Adjustments to the passenger settings
• New terminua for line 46
• Performance improvement;
• Scenery adjustments in a number of places;
• Signage. A few things have been changed in the scenery objects and splines so you will have to download the entire package again. I advise you to remove all Vlietburg and Euregio folders in Scenery objects and splines for installation.
The map is delivered turn-key, if you still want a different bus then you just have to copy the hoffile from addons> Vlietlanden.

Credits: Omsi 2 Vlietburg Xtreme

Download: Stadsregio Vlietlanden V2.7z (6.7 GB)


Submitted on November 28, 2019


This double-decker bus, originally called MAN ND202, belongs to Berlin like the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag or the TV tower.

It offered 71 passengers seats, another 21 could be transported standing. There were several innovations, such as the low-floor design, the interior swing door behind the rear axle or the LCD display, which some models had.

BVG received a total of 86 vehicles and used them until 2010. This vehicle series was replaced by its well-known successor - the MAN Lion's City DD, which is used in the AddOn Berlin X10.

Credits: Halycon Media

Download: (491 MB)

Addon Masterbus Gen 3 and Masterlite DLC

Submitted on November 22, 2019


Each DLC package includes:

  1. A full copy of the latest version of the DLC, including every file so you are guaranteed an identical experience to users who obtain the DLC officially
  2. Simple installation instructions from start to finish, to ensure you have no difficulty in using our DLC packages
  3. A cumulative changelog of the DLC's updates so you know what each new DLC update brings, and what previous DLC updates have added
  4. All optional official addons released by the developers, e.g. a branding patch which adds real life logos and emblems (these also include installation instructions and all files so you have an identical and stress free experience)
  5. Information on where to download community-made modifications, repaints (liveries) and other content, also including installation instructions for this
  6. A clearly labelled manual with the same title as the DLC so it is easy to locate (the lazy developers neglected this)
  7. Any notes, current issues or technical details to look out for (useful for community modders)

The latest version and latest updated links to these packages is available on the link below. Includes 7 different file hoster links, including torrent.

Credits: Steam DLC


Volvo B10R-5639

Submitted on November 6, 2019


9 types of buses each version with different Sounds, Display, Dashboard, Windows...

Credits: OmsiVimeca, Filipe Fernandes, Luis Pimenta

Download:  BusUpdate + Repaints

Man lion's City DL18 v1.1

Submitted on November 4, 2019


I have transferred the design of the newly shown Lion's City to the old Berlin DD as well as I could. No changes were made to the actual 3D model. That is, it is a repaint-based mod. This mod is purely fictional.

New features:
new exterior textures
new xenon headlamps with combined LED light strip for daytime, stationary and flashing lights
new LED side marker lights new LED taillights
new LED matrix (white) with original Lawo fonts (by Teneberus)
customized X10 yard file (by Teneberus) Repaint-dependent car numbers and license plates
repaintable rims and tires (on the main repaint)
corrected driving physics

Credits: Trammi, Marcel Kuhnt, Teneberus

Download:  DL18_mod.rar (3.9 MB) & DL18_patch1.1.rar (27 KB)

Holder C2.42 AI

Submitted on November 4, 2019


New addition to the artificial intelligence in the form of cleaning car Holder C2.42 AI from authors joker, LMG-123 into your maps in a virtual world OMSI Omnibus Simulator.

ailists.cfg: vehicles\Holder_C2.42_AI\
parklist_p.txt: vehicles\Holder_C2.42_AI\parked_Holder_C2.42.sco

Credits: joker

Download: Holder_C2.42_AI.rar (7 MB)

Busscar Urbanuss VOLVO 2010

Submitted on November 3, 2019


BUSSCAR Low floor articulated and bi articulated, hope you like the model, although not all excited, okay playable.
For OMSI 2 v2.3.x

Credits: Sergio

Download: Busscar_Urbanuss_2010_Low_Floor_Articulado_e_Biarticulado.rar (219 MB)

MB O530 Facelift Fuel Cell Bus

Submitted on November 3, 2019


Requires Mercedes-Benz O530 'Facelift' v1.4 (click to download)

Extract into Vehicles\MB_O530_Facelift\, select F-Cell repaint

Credits: unknown

Download: MB_O530_Facelift.rar (3.4 MB)