Credo Econell 12

Submitted on March 16, 2022


Basic caste: Manfan, HMTeam
Gearbox: Guttman Bence
Scripts: Basic (Jxbell), Modifications: HMTeam
HC Linear: HMTeam
Other help we thank everyone: Bandika85, Dui0907, HMTeam Discord server community
Other authors: OMSIWind (Laci Pugner, Uncle Deli)

HC Linear
HC Linear rotation option
Moving ornaments
A minimum of 1 version from each series
Detailed prototype MHK-091

Download: Credo Econell 12 EA.rar (663 MB)

Pavlovo Bus 4234 2012-2016

Submitted on March 14, 2022


™™™ - Pavlovo Bus 4234 2012-2016 -
™™™™™™ Pack 2
Поддержать проект:
Яд: 4100116309139949
Карта: 4048415039715533

-Update sound
-Update ext
-Update int
-Fix old errors
-New extras
Den4ik Projects Team ✌ No war


Model by: Den Ushakov, Vitaly L. ,Ackerman 
Converting in OMSI: Ackerman 
Sounds: Dark Wolf & Ackerman
Thanks: Laimis, CHapaeFF, Kirill Kiselev, Mikhail Plehanov, and others..

Download: PAZ_4234_PACK_2.rar (150 MB)

Caio Millennium IV Scania K310 UA

Submitted on March 12, 2022


Finally released!

This model was acquired in this real-life setup by just one company, the Urban Express Transport in mid-2020, in a lot of just 11 units. He scores the presence of Scania in São Paulo on the articulated chassis.
With approximately 70 centimeters longer than the Mercedes-Benz competitor, it offers more seats for passengers, evident from the two rows more seats after the joint and thus making a 29 ton PBT possible.
With the interaxis of the first longest module and second axis closest to the joint, it also offers better stability when going through pullovers and lumbles, without the very obvious gangorra effect on the MB chassis.
The 11 units currently operate on the 407N-10 line - Penha Metro - Term. Tiradentes City, traveling the east side of São Paulo.


Because sometimes even pressing and 4 times the car won't start? R. : Check the general key button on the left of the panel. Without it on the electricity won't turn on. Take the opportunity to check other items such as curtains, steering column and state of the retarder buttons and motor brake.
How do I put the panties on? R. : Activate the set of underwear on the skin inside the file. cti: vis_calotas. Use Express 2 skin as an example. Same goes for other items.
Why is it a whistle when I let go of the handbrake? R. : Follow what's written on the panel: fasten your seatbelt.
Why aren't there texts in the signboards? R. : Make sure you have installed the correctly provided sources.

Good game and good trip!

Credits: Zane & V3D

Download: Caio_MillenniumIV_ScaniaK310UA_byZane_V3D.7z (196 MB)

Marcopolo Ideale 800 MB & VW

Submitted on March 6, 2022

Description: Design, technology, safety and comfort are attributes that you will find in the new ideale 800, Marcopolo's new intercity model.

Now available for download.

Credits: DG7 Mods

Download: DG7_-_Marcopolo_Ideale_800_MB_e_VW.7z (294 MB)

Neoplan N44xx 'Centroliner' Pack - Unfinished state!

Submitted on March 5, 2022


Pack of last generetion of low-floor City busses did by Neoplan Auwarter, containing busses ranging from 9m to 18m. 23 Versions included. Unfinished state!

This is a project that was almost forgotten by myself. As work on it stagnated, I never truly finished work on it, so expect it to be buggy. Most versions are playable, but some may be bugged more than others, so I cannot guarantee anything with this pack. What's def done are sounds, and it's only decent thing with this pack. I'm releasing it mainly bcs there was some work put into it, but I'm going to re-do everything in it, as I was never happy with how it turned out to be in the end. Also, expect some bugs like wholes, bugged textures in some versions, physics bugged etc. I'm sorry if some things won't work properly, I had people asking for this pack so thats why I'm releasing it in state it is right now.

So, pack contains 23 versions. N4407, N4411 (2-2-0, 1-2-1), N4416 (2-2-0, 2-2-2, 2-2-2 TD), N4420TD, N4421/N4421TD + CNG versions, ZF/Voith variants, MAN/Mercedes-Benz engines. Kasse is classic iBox. Have fun

Credits: Sobol

Download: Neoplan_Centroliner_Pack_1.0b.7z (276 MB)

Solaris Urbino 15 I - Riga repaint #75706

Submitted on November 28, 2021



This repaint replaces the original " Zkm gdynia" Livery, a backup of the original livery is strongly recommended if you do not want to lose it.

The texture of the seats is noticably pretty bad, but that's because the bus is really old (From 2012).

Otherwise, have fun!

Also, this is my first repaint, might be some things of place.

Credits: snowii

Download: (1.2 MB)