Caio Millennium BRT Mercedes-Benz O-500U

Submitted on October 14, 2021

Description: Caio Millennium BRT Mercedes-Benz O-500U


Design e Modelagem geral: Vitor Alexandre (V3D)
Caixas letreiro e sancas de portas: Vitor Alexandre (V3D)
Botões MB e Seletor: R.Kmargo (RKC)
Chassi e rodas: Victor Ortega, Edson Antônio (EdsonV12)
Chave de Seta, Coluna de Direção: Edson Antônio (EdsonV12)
Bancos: R.Kmargo (RKC)
Bancos motorista e cobrador: Marcos Elias (MEP)
Manete: ARS Conversões
Extintor: Marcos Elias (MEP)
Instrumental MB 2012: Caio Vespasiano
Base de Scripts, Animações e programação dos sons: Marcos Henrique (Zane)
Scripts gerais: Morphi, M&R Software, Helvette, Wizard, Marcos Elias (MEP) e diversos autores
Sons: Sidnei Júnior, Marcos Elias, Vitor Alexandre (V3D), Marcos Henrique (Zane), Gabriel Rievert (GRT3D), Morphi, Helvette e diversos autores

Download: Caio_MillenniumBRT_O500U_byV3D_Zane_v1.0.7z (225 MB)

MAN NL/NG Enhanced Pack

Submitted on October 1, 2021


Freeware standalone pack of MAN NL/NG busses, 39 included, with many configuration variations via setvars.
Welcome to the New-Old generation of MAN City busses! With this pack you can experience driving with 2000s MAN NL/NG busses. Pack include 39 different versions of them in various configurations - A20 (12m Regio), A21 (12m City, lying motor), A23 (18m Articulated), A26 (15m 3-Axle City), A37 (12m standing motor). In Pack you can also find 3 different dedicated versions used in Szczecin, Poland (2nd hand busses in configurations from Wuppertal, Stade, Vechelde).

Pack have many different setvars, like for door configs with realistic sounds. Also it comes with high-quality engine sounds, and realistic physics.

Have a good trip!

Credits: Sobol

Download:  MAN_NL_Enhanced_Pack_1.0_-_30_09_2021.7z (481MB)

Solnechnogorsk 3.4

Submitted on September 16, 2021


Real map of the Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region.
Version 3.4 "Winter in the Moscow Region" adds new routes and New Year's mood to the map!
The map goes along with an informant for some of the routes.

This time the map is assembled and packed in a handy small archive! Build archive - liaz677

Urban routes: 1,2,4,5,16,32,23,8,9,11,29 + E, 4K, 15.3
Suburban routes: 21,27,33,377,28,128
Intercity routes: 312.441.

Have a nice game!

Credits: Liaz677 and-berd

Download: Солнечногорск 3.4 REpack by liaz677.7z (2.8 GB)

13 in 1

Submitted on September 15, 2021


We present to your attention an assembly of 13 cards for OMSI 2!

The required version of the game is not lower than 2.2.021!

1 Amosovka
2 Village 2.1
3 Russian hinterland 1.9 - Steep climb
4 Gorodets
5 Great_Grundorf
6 Lyubyatovo
7 Michurino 0.7
8 Moscow - route 721
9 Omninsk 4.1
10 Suzdal 2.1
11 Zarechensk 4.1
12 Nikolsky District
13 Gostomysl 0.1

Package collected - liaz677

Copy the contents of the archive to the game folder, confirming the replacement of the files.
Have a nice game!

Credits: liaz677, [email protected], FZ6723, GJFT, Gonj1, Makov, AlekseyAzarh, Jonpol

Download: 13 in 1.7z (3.3 GB)

Hyundai Citybus Serise

Submitted on September 4, 2021

Description: I have several Korean Hyundai Bus mods. This mod is a paid mode, and if you want to purchase, please contact us at the address below.

Credits: many people

Download:  telegram @omsikoreabusmod

UK Citaro Updated

Submitted on July 27, 2021


Hi hope you have fun this is the UK Citaro Updated We have added





Credits: :)

Download:  Citaro Facelift UK UPDATED.rar 


Submitted on June 9, 2021


Fabricante: Busscar
Modelo: Vissta Buss DD
Chassi: Mercedes-Benz O-500 RSD Bluetec 5
Câmbio: MB GO 210-6

Credits: BY EDSONV12