Niersbeck am Niederrhein V1.1

Submitted on March 22, 2022


Prerequisite commercial expansions:
HafenCity - Hamburg modern
Citybus Mercedes O305

The fictional map of Niersbeck is located on the lower Lower Rhine and borders on the districts of Kleve, Wesel, Borken and Viersen. Around 300,000 people live in the city and they want to get from A to B safely and on time. Several transport companies, including the Niersbahn and Langenberg-Reisen, take care of this task. The map offers many districts, but suburban idyll and overland are not neglected. So there is a lot to discover.

Credits: MAN-Niklas、Schleswig-Holstein

Download: Niersbeck_am_Niederrhein_V1.1.rar (570 MB)

Renault/Irisbus Agora Line Citybus Family

Submitted on March 21, 2022


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Agora buses on OMSI, discover the Line version of these legends of the French road!

Among the most famous urban bus ranges in France, the Agora stands out as the first low-floor bus launched by Renault VI in 1995, taking up the strengths of the R312 of which it is, with the large family of PR buses, the successor.

It was marketed from 1995 to 2005 under the Renault brand then Irisbus-Iveco. Its versatility is its strengths, it will indeed be available in version S (12 meters), L (18 meters), Line (suburban), Moovy (interurban), but also in diesel and natural gas engines.

After the S and L versions already available on OMSI, discover the suburban version of the Agora, the most famous French buses!

This is my very first 3D mod. I know it's not prefect, but I hope you'll appreciate it !

This pack was created based on the Renault Agora S €2 V2 RATP from TheFMrr, available on the Webdisk. It was a deep modification and a great amount of time to get to this result, and I really had fun to make it !

This pack is released in Beta state. So, it may naturally contain bugs and be subject to future updates. 
Special thanks to Loïc and Charlie for their precious help !

I accept all criticism, as long as it is justified and constructive. Thus, I will only respond to those that are! 

Have fun !

Credits: TheFMrr

Download: AgoraLine-Citybus-Family.rar (354 MB)

MAN NL 232 CNG (Reupload)

Submitted on March 20, 2022



The MAN NL 232 CNG was a bus with CNG-Engine (Compressed Natural Gas). It was built between 1994 and 2001 and is known from cities like Nuremberg, Bonn and Regensburg.

Installation: Drop the Fonts & Vehicles-Folder in the OMSI 2-Folder and let it overwrite anything needed. (It overwrites only unused Fonts)

Starting the bus: Press E for electric and then M to start the motor.

Using the rear door: The "stop brake" has to be open and the door release must be activated for using the rear door!

Credits: Filipe.PT1726

Download: MAN_NL232_CNG_v3.7z (68 MB)

Credo Econell 12

Submitted on March 16, 2022


Basic caste: Manfan, HMTeam
Gearbox: Guttman Bence
Scripts: Basic (Jxbell), Modifications: HMTeam
HC Linear: HMTeam
Other help we thank everyone: Bandika85, Dui0907, HMTeam Discord server community
Other authors: OMSIWind (Laci Pugner, Uncle Deli)

HC Linear
HC Linear rotation option
Moving ornaments
A minimum of 1 version from each series
Detailed prototype MHK-091

Download: Credo Econell 12 EA.rar (663 MB)

Pavlovo Bus 4234 2012-2016

Submitted on March 14, 2022


™™™ - Pavlovo Bus 4234 2012-2016 -
™™™™™™ Pack 2
Поддержать проект:
Яд: 4100116309139949
Карта: 4048415039715533

-Update sound
-Update ext
-Update int
-Fix old errors
-New extras
Den4ik Projects Team ✌ No war


Model by: Den Ushakov, Vitaly L. ,Ackerman 
Converting in OMSI: Ackerman 
Sounds: Dark Wolf & Ackerman
Thanks: Laimis, CHapaeFF, Kirill Kiselev, Mikhail Plehanov, and others..

Download: PAZ_4234_PACK_2.rar (150 MB)

Caio Millennium IV Scania K310 UA

Submitted on March 12, 2022


Finally released!

This model was acquired in this real-life setup by just one company, the Urban Express Transport in mid-2020, in a lot of just 11 units. He scores the presence of Scania in São Paulo on the articulated chassis.
With approximately 70 centimeters longer than the Mercedes-Benz competitor, it offers more seats for passengers, evident from the two rows more seats after the joint and thus making a 29 ton PBT possible.
With the interaxis of the first longest module and second axis closest to the joint, it also offers better stability when going through pullovers and lumbles, without the very obvious gangorra effect on the MB chassis.
The 11 units currently operate on the 407N-10 line - Penha Metro - Term. Tiradentes City, traveling the east side of São Paulo.


Because sometimes even pressing and 4 times the car won't start? R. : Check the general key button on the left of the panel. Without it on the electricity won't turn on. Take the opportunity to check other items such as curtains, steering column and state of the retarder buttons and motor brake.
How do I put the panties on? R. : Activate the set of underwear on the skin inside the file. cti: vis_calotas. Use Express 2 skin as an example. Same goes for other items.
Why is it a whistle when I let go of the handbrake? R. : Follow what's written on the panel: fasten your seatbelt.
Why aren't there texts in the signboards? R. : Make sure you have installed the correctly provided sources.

Good game and good trip!

Credits: Zane & V3D

Download: Caio_MillenniumIV_ScaniaK310UA_byZane_V3D.7z (196 MB)

Marcopolo Ideale 800 MB & VW

Submitted on March 6, 2022

Description: Design, technology, safety and comfort are attributes that you will find in the new ideale 800, Marcopolo's new intercity model.

Now available for download.

Credits: DG7 Mods

Download: DG7_-_Marcopolo_Ideale_800_MB_e_VW.7z (294 MB)