VDL Citea LLE 12m BVG Version

Submitted on October 16, 2020


Password: 2020VDL10

Credits: mx200; ins dsgn.mx200

Download: VDL_Citea_LLE_BVG_V1.rar (164 MB) & Speedfix fehlende Fonts.rar

VW Constellation 8x4 Bitruck

Submitted on October 6, 2020


VW Constellation 8x4 Bitruck


MOD do site gtasa.com.br
Editor: Allan(50cemt)
reeditor: marcinho edit's
Script Letreito: Marcos Elias
Som: Cristhian Cardoso
Som Trio: Eudes Santos
Conversão para OMSI:  Eudes Santos
Traillers e extras Eudes Santos

Download: Constellation by Eudes Santos.7z (80 MB)

Japan Test Map & ERGA-mio v3.4

Submitted on October 5, 2020


Japan Test Mapのみを更新しました。※欠損ファイルが有った為、5/23再更新しました。前回からの更新は、Japan Test Mapの架空㉒系統のみです。その他の細かい更新内容は以下の通りです。・AIバスがバス停停車時に歩道に乗り上げるバグを修正。・試験的に乗客の音声を日本語化。 (男女1名ずつの声を割当てて使用)・㉒系統[車庫~北口]までの各停留所柱と上屋を追加・赤いポール(ソフトポール)の寸法を見直し。 (直径と半径の指定間違いにより、太さが実寸の2倍になっていた為)車体とマップは別々のファイルとなってます。それぞれダウンロードして下さい。車 体:V0.5.9_Isuzu_ERGA-mio.zipマップ:V3.4_Japan_Test_Map.zip

Credits: Kamy February

Download: V3.4_Japan_Test_Map.zip (122 MB) + V0.5.9_Isuzu_ERGA-mio.zip (276 MB)

LAZ E183A1/ЛАЗ Е183A1

Submitted on October 5, 2020


The assembly is not the final version. The mod is based on the LAZ A183 bus.
Performance is guaranteed only on version 2.3.004 of the game.

Credits: Kakp projects

Download:  https://sharemods.com/3m5p34gxonr2/LAZ-E183A1_release.rar.html

OMSI Repaint Iveco Crossway LE

Submitted on October 3, 2020


One Man Show repaint 

bus model https://aj-modding.de/



Credits: newshift



Ruhrgebiet Mod 2019 by Dominik Plays

Submitted on September 26, 2020


Herzlich Willkommen im Ruhrgebiet. Die Stadt Gladbeck und Bottrop bilden auf dieser Karte das Kerngebiet. Um Gladbeck herum befinden sich auf der Karte 15 Staedte. Groesstenteils verbindet im Nahverkehr hier die VESTISCHE die Staedte miteinander. Welcome to Gladbeck Explore 500 kilometers around Gladbeck and 14 other cities in the Ruhr Valley District. A total of 50 bus lines promise unprecedented variety, while 24-hour operation guarantees around-the-clock driving pleasure. === Linien - Line === Stadtlinien - Citylines 107 E-Katernberg <=> GE-HBF 188 Gladbeck Oberhof <=> Dorsten ZOB 189 Gladbeck Oberhof <=> Essen Boyer Str 211 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> Herten Mitte 212 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> Herten Mitte 222 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> Marl Mitte 232 Datteln Busbahnhof <=> OER-Berliner Platz 244 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> GE-Hassel Friedhof 247 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> Gelsenkirchen Stadtgrenze 249 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> Recklinghausen HBF 249k RE-HBF -Herten 251 Bottrop ZOB <=> Grafenmühle 252 GLA-Hermannschule <=> GE-Buerer Str 253 GLA-Dechenstr <=> GE-Buerer Str 254 GLA-Dechenstr <=> GLA-Am Park 255 Gladbeck Oberhof <=> GE-Buer Rathaus 257 Gladbeck Oberhof <=> GLA-Tunnelstr 258 GLA-Berliner Str <=> GE-Buerer Str 259 Bottrop ZOB <=> Oberhof 260 Bottrop ZOB <=> Oberhof 261 Eigen Markt <=> Bergbaustr 262 Eigen Markt <=> Bottrop ZOB 263 OB-Ster.BF. <=> Essen Boyer Str 264 Bottrop ZOB <=> Börenstraße 265 Bottrop ZOB <=> Weusterstr 266 Bottrop ZOB <=> Boyer Markt 267 Bottrop ZOB <=> Movie Park 268 Zeche Franz Haniel <=> Klopriesstr. 291 BOT-ZOB - BOT HBF 380 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> GE-HBF 381 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> GE-HBF 383 GE-Buerer Str <=> GE-HBF 389 GE-HBF <=> BO-Zilleweg 396 GE-Buer Straße-GE-Buer Rathaus 398 GE-Buer Rathaus - Herrmannschule 908 OB-Sterkrade <=> DU-Matenastr. 960 OB- HBF - Neumarkt 979 OB-Sterkrade <=> Bottrop ZOB Schnellbuslinien - Expressline SB16 Essen HBF <=> Gartenstr. Hospitalstr. SB20 RE-HBF <=> Herne Bhf. SB24 RE-HBF <=> Dortmund Mengede Bhf. SB29 Bottrop ZOB <=> Gelsenkirchen HBF SB36 BOT-S.Del.Str. <=> Gelsenkirchen HBF SB49 GE-Buer Rathaus - RE-HBF SB49k RE-HBf - Herten SB90 OB-HBF - Sterkrade Bf SB91 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> Oberhausen HBF Nachtbuslinien - Nightline NE2 RE-HBF <=> Bottrop ZOB NE2 GE-HBF - Kattenberg NE5 RE-HBF <=> Herne Bhf. NE9 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> Herten Mitte NE10 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> GE-HBF NE11 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> GE-HBF NE12 GE-Buer Rathaus - Herrmannschule NE14 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> GE-HBF NE14 RE-HBF <=> Dortmund Mengede Bhf NE16 E-HBF <=> Bottrop ZOB NE18 Bottrop ZOB <=> BOT-S.Del.Str. NE19 Bottrop ZOB <=> Oberhof Taxibuslinien - Taxiline TB256 Gladbeck St. Kir. <=> BOT-Eigen Markt TB256 Eigen Markt -Schneiderstr. TB217 Fuhlenbrock -Senjorenzentrum TB247 Metzlerstr. - Stadtgrenze TB269 Schneiderstr. - Im Pinntal TB294 BOT ZOB - Wehlheimerstr. Strassenbahnlinie - Tramline 107 E-Katernberg <=> GE-HBF 301 GE-Essener Str <=> GE-HBF Testversion 302 GE-Buer Rathaus <=> GE-HBF You need our Tram AddOn to play this line SEV S9 - Essen -Ge-Hassel Rb43 Feldhausen- Bottrop Rb44 Feldhausen - Oberhausen S2 Essen -Dortmund Stadtrundfahrt 100 Oberhof - Oberhof === Abkürzungen - Shortcut === SB = Schnellbus NE = Nachtexpress TB = Taxibus HBF = Hauptbahnhof BHF = Bahnhof E = Essen BO = Bochum GE = Gelsenkirchen DO = Dortmund DU = Duisburg RE = Recklinghausen OB = Oberhausen GLA = Gladbeck BOT = Bottrop HER = Herne HTN = Herten OER = Oer Erkenschwick DAT = Datteln WAL = Waltrop MAR = Marl

Credits: Dominik Plays

Download:  http://www.mediafire.com/file/vss55ni1hmvudwp/Ruhrgebiet++Mod+by+Dominik+Plays.rar/file

Marcopolo Torino GV MB OH-1621L padrão Jotur

Submitted on September 25, 2020


By Hln_Slv
It's an ex Real Rio. I like this model a lot, even though I haven't personally been on it.
I want to thank Zane (Mark Henry) who always helps me, and helped set up this sign.


Carro Modelado por F&F Designer (Luiz Felipe Bonamigo)
Edit e Conversão: Hln_slv (Heleno Farias)
Audio: Jeferson R.
Som: Wallace Machado, Jeferson Vieira e Jonathan Tonussi
Painel:Victor Nathan
Volante: Wallace Machado
Base Skin:Cleber Gumz

Download: MICRAO+JOTUR+HLN_SLV.rar (139 MB) 

Map Celeste

Submitted on September 3, 2020


* Translated from Spanish * Hi, how are you? Today I am launching a map made entirely from scratch by me and as a result of so many successes and errors, I am finally launching it in this first version, which contains the initial routes, a tunnel, a viaduct, the basic lighting (almost finished in its totality) some small neighborhoods and bus terminals, in addition to a train terminal. This map, although it will have future updates, is freely editable, so you can edit and publish it, as long as you keep the corresponding credits and launch it as a finished work (not in WIP), you should not commercialize it for profit either. Here I leave the video presentation on YouTube and the download of the files is in its description (activate the subtitles to translate text into your language)

Credits: Bruno Busologo

Download: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHkzelmMEec