MB Citaro (beta v0.53)

Submitted on March 31, 2020


User license of freeware addon Citybus o530 by KAJOTT3D:
-Not for commercial use.
-Do not use elements of the addon in another models without my permission.
-Do not use elements of the addon for other purposes than driving in the simulator Omnibussimulator 2.
-You can make modifications for the addon, but the modifications have to need download original addon the Citybus o530 beta from the original link.
-In the description of modifications you have to write original author of the basic model Citybus o530 beta.
-You can use addon in virtual company.
-In another situations than is write in the license, please contact with author via email: kajott3d@gmail.com
-Do not upload for another server.

Credits: KAJOTT3D

Download: http://kajott3d.eu/omsi_o530_licencja.html

MAZ 206.068

Submitted on March 29, 2020


New caps
The body is baked
New fonts for the EMU? Curtains in the cockpit and toner
The braid and several hangings sre added
The rooms are made with reference to repainting
Well and a couple of repaints

Credits: On the screen, Rolls - Vlad_Dredd, Fonts for EMU - Sania1996

Download: MAZ_206.068_by_zazoka23.rar (114 MB)

Mercedes Benz O303 - White / Orange Skin

Submitted on March 27, 2020

Description: Mercedes-Benz O303 - White / Orange Skin Thanks For Downloading. :)

Credits: AltPekMods

Download: O303_-_W.O._Skin.zip (630 KB)

Liaz 5292.67

Submitted on March 22, 2020


Immediately make a reservation that this is an “attempt” (or zakos) to make exactly .67 and precisely 2017. The driver’s cab didn’t change from the word at all, the cab remained from the 2012 model, for example, well and so in the little things the lyase-drocher is sure to find what to dig into. I did it for myself, but suddenly someone comes in handy, I’m not greedy.Alteration based on LIAZ 5292.22 2012 (from the Liazov pack) 

– Added HBO
– Removed ASKP (entry-exit through all doors equally)
– Added seats for the driver (passcode corrected, as well as the sticker on capacity)
– Seats and doors from 2017 (seat textures)
– Repainting of the Nizhny Novgorod NPAT
– Added two static MUs (removable)
– All sorts of little things

Credits: Bendowls

Download: LiAZ_5292.67_2017.zip (154 MB)

Mercedes Benz O303 - Panoramafahrt Skin

Submitted on March 22, 2020

Description: Mercedes Benz O303 Panoramafahrt Skin Painting Wheels or Wheelcaps. Thanks For Dowloading.

Credits: AltPekMods

Download: PanoramafahrtSkin.zip (13 MB)

Hyundai County V1.0

Submitted on March 20, 2020


Hyundai County is a small bus occupying a niche berween minibusws and medium-sized buses. Designed in south Korea by Hyundai motor Company. Since April 2010, the bus has been assembled, under license, at the plant of LLC KuzbassAvto in the kemerovo Region.

PS: This model is more suitable for AI. The model was converted without significant changes. The model lacks PU buttons, low quality textures, sounds not from Hyundai County, etc.

Credits: Machine Time

Download: Hyundai_County.zip (33.5 MB)

MB Citaro Irvine Bost Skin Pack

Submitted on March 18, 2020

Description: MB Citaro Irvine Bost Cilt paketi :) Belen V6 Haritalar = Bost Cilt Dowloading İçin Teşekkürler.

Credits: AltpekMods, Omsi2Turk

Download: MB_Citaro_Ivr__ne_Bostskin_V1.0.zip (12 MB)

Realistic SweetFX Setting Adjusted by Kingto

Submitted on March 14, 2020


Hello everyone, today I bring you a realistic SweetFX setting adjusted by me & Hans Johnson. The setting changes the dim graphic to bright light effect.

OMSI Sky Mod v1.0 is required as the default sky would turn white. Copy all files to OMSI 2 folder and it takes effect automatically. 
In the game, you could type "Insert" to turn off the effect.

Credits: Adjusted by Kingto (https://www.facebook.com/kingtohk) & Hans Johnson. Based on SweetFX, an open source project.
No-reupload! Keep the Page Link! 

Download: SweetFX_1.0.2_By_Kingto.rar (456 KB)