Krefrath Map V3.0

Submitted on October 29, 2017


4GB-Patch is essential to play Krefrath Map V3.0

Krefrath is a medium-sized district town on the Lower Rhine and near the Ruhr area and Bergisches Land.
The 100,000-inhabitant city survived the structural change largely after the decline in heavy industry.
Many old industrial plants have made way for the new urban planning conditions.
Nevertheless, there are still individual active companies spread over the urban area.
In particular, the high density of industry at that time made the city and railway infrastructure the one it is still in many places today.
But also through new facilities such as a college or a Bundesliga race track,
The city has managed to keep up with the times.
The public transport provided by the SWK (Stadtwerke Krefrath GmbH) with the support of subcontractors.
These run through the main station in all parts of the city, over the Rhine and in the neighboring cities directly.
But also the less populated outskirts as well as the villages in the Unkreis are served by bus lines.
Also comes at night, thanks to night bus lines that run in a cruise, the local traffic does not succumb to.
In addition, at peak times, e-buses are also being used, bringing both students to their schools,
as well as bring workers to their farms and pick them up.

V3.0 Update:
Neue Linien: 60, 837, 838, 847, 848, 849, 950
Neues Nachtbussystem mit nun 3 Nachlinien (1N, 2N, 3N)
Verlängerung fast aller Linien
Überarbeitung der Szenerie an vielen Stellen.
Vergrößerung des Kernbereiches um ein paar Kacheln

Credits: Lejaro


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