Express 91.06 version 1.10

Submitted on April 2, 2016

Description: The map Express 91.06 is a suburb map which offers one bus line with two under-lines : 91.06C & 91.06D. It will take approximately 30 minutes to drive a from the depart to the last stop. From the Massy-Palaiseau bus station, you will drive through a plain inspired of the french Sillicon Valley across big companies, universities, laboratories …91.06C
Plateau du Moulon <> Campus Paris-Moulon <> Lycée Camille Claudel <> Massy Gare
(25 minutes)
Plateau du Moulon <> La Martinière <> Lycée Camille Claudel <> Massy Gare
(15 minutes)

Credits: Créations AgoraS-114