Eberlinsee-Schönau V2.0 (Tram Map)

Submitted on March 10, 2018


Project name: Eberlinsee-Schönau
Involved persons: Tempo1, Feindflug, Kartoffel phantom and many others (see manual)
Project details: Yes, you have read correctly. Eberlinsee and Schönau have been connected, and are now fully accessible as a separate, new map. The highlight of the map is the connecting line 10 between the Schönauer and the Eberlinseer main station.
Copyright: Mods are welcome, but I ask that you do not overwrite any original files. Please also refrain from the re-upload of the download archive. In case of doubt just turn to Tempo1, Feindflug or me.
Additional addons required: For details and links see manual.

Hamburg day and night
Tram NF6D
CKD Tatra KT4D
Mercedes-Benz Citaro facelift (Helvete)
Mercedes-Benz Vario 12D
Bad Karlstein Objects (Let's Play Omsi)

Credits: Tempo1, Feindflug, Kartoffelphantom und viele andere

Download: Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5