Volvo 7700A Facelift 3 Doors

Submitted on January 2, 2020


Additional version notesThis bus was in development for quite a long time, so instead of fiddling around with it for who knows how long,
we decided to release it as it is. Thus, some smaller bugs are still there, which we couldn't fix. If you are a
modder yourself and think you could help us patch these up, feel free to contact us. Known bugs:
- the engine is very prone to stalling, especially when reversing
- the onboard destination sign can't display some characters, like ö,ü,ő... (needs a different font)
- the suspension of the bus is a bit too "wobbly"
- the bus is not AI compatible
The 3 door articulated version of the Volvo 7700 Facelift family, built on B9LA chassis.
This package contains the 3 door version of the Volvo 7700A bodied bus, built on the B9LA chassis in two
- IVU Ticketbox ticketprinter/"IBIS" system, orange led matrix displays
- EMKE ticket printer/VULTRON display controller, green BUSE matrix displays (typical Hungarian setup)
The package also includes a detailed user manual, please read it before the first drive!


The creation of this bus was made possible by many people, so a huge thanks to everyone involved. I'll try my best to list all of them in no particular order:
Busfahrer-JJ (modeling of the bus)
Skinner_11 (modeling of the dashboard/extras, some scripts, this manual)
Tatrafan99 (Import to Omsi)
MR-Software (scripts/sounds/etc)
Mani-Vest (Joint animation)
Nico K. (Sound)
florian99 (lot of extras, helping with the manual, repaints)
Adamkings14 (repaints)
padarmartin (scripts/converting the dashboard, BUSE matrix, Vultron)
Sprintex (textures, repaints)
Alterr & Wizard (scripts)
RATTI (more realistic drivetrain scripts)
nemeza (scripts)
JXBELL (EMKE printer)
Sven Daniel (Ticketbox printer)
Seevetal LetsPlayer (Pictures/Videos)
ViMaX (pictures and drivetrain data)
Tamás Molnár (feedback and information about the real bus)
Márton Béres (pictures/videos/some sounds)
Neoplaner (Tips and Tricks/Omsi Import)
Some scripts and fonts were used from the Volvo 7700, special thanks to the creators of that bus:

Download: Volvo_7700A_FL_rel_191230.7z (254 MB) & Volvo_7700A_FL_gearboxes.7z (21 MB)