Tram Konstal 105Na

Submitted on June 26, 2020


- the main author of the add-on is MichauSto aka M. A. N. U. L.
- no reupload
- the model is at an early stage of development, but it can be qualified as a "playable beta" for the sake of working driving function, passenger service and complete cabin equipment;
- we do not answer questions related to the installation and operation of the add-on;
- we kindly ask you not to report bugs - that's what testers are and we are aware that things are still missing;
- it's still beta - you install at your own risk!
The version for Trainz 2019 was not a joke, moreover, from that moment it gets priority in development.

Credits: Michał Stobienia (kontousuniete_1885), Piotr Lenartowicz (Pitoras), Dawid Lorenc, Patryk Bednarczyk, Igor Sułek, Paweł Nowinowski