PlayStation PSENG MK1 for MCI D4500CL/CT (Fictional, ZF Ecomat included)

Submitted on January 13, 2021


Here is the PlayStation PSENG MKI engine soundmod for the American MCI D4500CL/CT bus. ZF Ecomat included. The engine soundmod can be reused for other buses. To reuse the PSENG sounds, go to the MCI_D4500CL/Sound or MCI_D4500CT/Sound folder. Copy the "PlayStation PSENG" to your planned bus sound folder as desired (for example, if you want to put the PSENG in a Citaro). Then you have to script it. Gear Script Order (can be customized): Idle: PS11.wav Gear 1: PS12.wav Gear 2: PS13.wav Gear 3: PS14.wav Gear 4: PS21.wav Gear 5 and beyond: PS31.wav Enjoy!

COPYRIGHT: PlayStation PSENG by ElectraHybrida ZF Ecomat by respective owners Sounds for PSENG by Sony PlayStation by Sony


PSENG by ElectraHybrida. ZF Ecomat by respective owners. Sounds for PSENG by Sony