PAZ 32054 || BCA-3033 (2016)

Submitted on June 25, 2022


Main changes v2.0:
- Correct gearbox (fixed the location of the reverse gear
- Colorings are now in one folder, and not in two as before

- Ability to color the "Partition"
- Ability to color "Panel"
- Added the ability to colorize the "Large side plate"
- Added the ability to paint "Vinyl windshield stickers", each (of 4 parts) is removed separately.
- New location MU + 1 additional
- Setvars to change the seat (Factory or Lux)
vis_32054_sidtype (PAZ 32054)
vis_320543033_sidtype (BCA 3033)

Instructions for coloring, you will find in the coloring folder, everything is painted there, how to do it

Credits: Mikl Yozhik

Download: BCA3033_and_PAZ_32054_Version_2.0.7z (110 MB)