OMSI 2 Buses

Volvo B9TL V1.2

Submitted on October 21, 2019


Volvo B9TL has been sold across the world and they run in countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and UK etc.
Download this mod immediately and explore how special and different Hong Kong Buses are.

Credits: Gx7767 Studio


GX7767_Volvo_Wright_V1.2.rar (109 MB, *Base)
OMSI 2 Addon.rar (7 KB, Requires for OMSI 2 users)

NEOMAN Overhaul V2 Public Beta

Submitted on October 21, 2019


This is gonna be test for myself, if I have improved optimalization of it at all.

So, please test this bus by it's optimalization, it may be bugged a bit, but yet 90% is done, it doesn't have any IBIS or kasse yet. Also - for modders - please see the internal file structure and tell me if it's better to locate things in it. For now not all setvars has been added yet.

Again - THIS IS BETA - NOT FINAL BUS. It have only one version, write your feelings down below //Sobol

Credits: Sobol

Download: NEOMAN_Overhaul v2pb1 OCTOBER 2019.rar (395 MB) & Font.rar (7 KB)

Marcopolo G6 1200 Scania k380

Submitted on October 17, 2019


Bus for intercity routes.

Credits: uploaded by Hrom201

Download: Marcopolo_G6_1200_Scania_k380.7z (66.9 MB)

Caio Apache Vip IV Podium Mercedes-Benz OF1721 Bluetec 5

Submitted on October 17, 2019


Hello, me (Zane) and Eduardo Felipe (Edu231) this time bring an edition of Apache Vip IV in São Paulo standard in one of the most hated passenger configurations, the Podium. The model is quite complete, with most simulated functions. : Motor brake; Functional multiplex (sign, requested stop signal reset, hall lights, air vents, etc.); Left and right functional doors; Functional panel display (current gear, engine temperature, mileage, time, etc.);

Credits: MarcosZane

Download: (151 MB)

CAIO Topbus B12M 2004

Submitted on October 16, 2019


Hello, I am bringing a long-awaited model, the Topbus in Sao Paulo standard.
This version is from 2004, the first one that arrived.
It was only present at Viação Campo Belo and Via Sul.

Credits: RedJoker

Caio_Topbus_B12MTX.rar (114 MB)

London Citybus NRM

Submitted on October 13, 2019


Here is the London Citybus NRM for OMSI 2! The blinds don't work on this bus, just like the London Citybus 200. Sorry.

Credits: Rhys McCollin, Копія 

Download: London_Citybus_NRM.7z (733 MB)

Mercedes Benz Irvine Citaro 12m & 18m

Submitted on October 13, 2019


We now provide you with the Irvine Citaro from Mercedes Benz for OMSI. Included are the 12m and 18m versions with gas and diesel engines.

Credits: Sven Daniel

MB_Citaro_Irvine_ReleaseV1.0.7z (314 MB)

London Citybus 200

Submitted on October 12, 2019


Here is the working link for the Enviro 200 (C200) for OMSI 2!
The blinds do not work, which is sad, but enjoy the bus!

Credits: Dylan Thomas