OMSI 2 Buses

Trolleybus ZiU 6205

Submitted on March 30, 2019

Description: Trolleybus ZiU 6205

– Replaced overclocking sounds, with more realistic ones

– Blue repainting The launch instructions are in the screenshots. Routers unfortunately need to redraw in the paint itself.

Credits: Automatic

Download: ziu-6205.rar (112 MB)


Submitted on March 30, 2019

Description: Based on ANKAI HFF6104GK39. 

Its NOT allowed to Re-Upload. Respect the Original Link.

Credits: BSTrans, 神盾无敌, NHP1997616, MR software

Download: HFF6104GK39_V1.0.rar (100 MB)

MAN Lion's City V3D 9.55m + 12m + 18m

Submitted on March 17, 2019

Description: MAN Lion's City V3D by Sobol

Credits: V3D Model: Sobol, Aragok, Goppel, DaMace, ShitHappens, Raves, Automat

Download: MAN Lion's City V3D by Sobol 1.17b March Test I .rar (1.05 GB)

WSW MB Citaro2 K

Submitted on February 10, 2019

Description: Requires Wuppertal Addon

Credits: OmsiVimeca/LT

Download: (333.95 MB)

Man 18.310 CNG Caetano

Submitted on February 10, 2019

Description: All credits are in the description of the bus
The Articulated Bus and the Diesel(made by Filipe Fernandes) are totally fitcional meaning that you will find a couple of Bugs ( more on the Articulated ) so dont need to report that as I'm going to fix that slowly!
About the Customisation in the .cti file you will find the explanation on the Tempplate inside of the Werbung_A21_E6 File

Credits: Omsi Vimeca/LT 

Download: MAN 18,310 CNG (480 MB) & Caetano (2.85 MB)

Mercedes-Benz O405N² PORTO V 1.1

Submitted on February 1, 2019

Description: Here is the Mercedes-Benz O405N² by Hispano Carrocera! These models include the innovative DataCar ticketing machine, as well as an updated version of the Tecmic (IBIS) console. There are three different matrix display models.
The download is split in two parts: Part 1 - Main bus files;
Part 2 - The DataCar/Tecmic language(s) you wish to have.
Check the available manuals in the OMSI 2\docs folder!
Have fun!

Credits: OMSI 2 - Porto

Download: Porto_MB_O405N2_HispanoVöVII_v1-1 .zip (279.5 MB) & (12 KB)

Mercedes Benz O 407 V1.2

Submitted on January 11, 2019


V1.2 ChangeLogs:

- Display error of the stencil shadows on the windshield fixed
- Display error with Alpha-Channel of the hubcaps fixed
- Mapping error corrected at the back door
- revised W4E 110 automatic transmission (PoweredByCNG)
- Corrected rear axle ratio for manual gearbox
- improved individual seat textures
- internal light circuit corrected (Tatra / iTram / Busfanat)
- Fog lights optimized (Tatra / iTram / Busfanat)
- Addition of the door key added


Modell: Perotinus
Texturen: MR-Software, Sven591, René, Perotinus und viele andere
Scripts: Rolf Westphalen, MR-Software, Busfanat, iTram, Julian, Morphi, cooper, Perotinus
Soundaufnahmen: M-A-N fan (Youtube), O405N (Youtube), Makko1988, maxo3, mbcitarofan, MR-Software, PoweredByCNG, Morphi, Perotinus
Soundverarbeitung: Perotinus, Makko1988 (ZF-Automatikgetriebe)


Download: (181 MB)

V1200 Electric Bus V0.99a

Submitted on January 3, 2019


Based on Yutong Bus

Remove "V_Serises - AI" folder after extraction

Credits: NHP1997616, 神盾无敌

Download: V1200_v0.99a.rar (140 MB)