OMSI 2 Buses

CAIO Mondego II / Mercedes Benz O500U

Submitted on May 30, 2019

Description: Hello folks, a few months ago Douglas Vicente has released an edition for this model of RKC.
I trusted this issue to deliver mine. It is a Caio Mondego II, in a "fictional" version,
but not too far from reality. I did face, back and forth almost completely,
with the exception of the booth, panel and entre.

Credits: FLD_BD

Download: Caio_Mondego_II-O500U-FLD.rar (141 MB)


Submitted on May 24, 2019

Description: Mercedes-Benz Monobloc O-400 RSD, which is my favorite bus model. It was manufactured from 1994 until 1996.
The mod has versions with and without air conditioning.

Credits: Edsonv12




Ikarus 280T GVM

Submitted on May 14, 2019

Description: The articulated trolley Ikarus 280T GVM

Credits: Bzmot332bve, OMSIWind

Download: Ikarus_rancajtos_szeria_GVM.rar (426.2 MB)

BAZ A079 v1.0

Submitted on May 14, 2019


The BAZ A079 series was introduced in 2002 by Boryspil Automobile Plant (БАЗ). These buses are built on TATA chassis and have a Euro 2 diesel engine also from TATA. The A079.14 subtype is a city/intercity version with 2 doors and either 19 or 22 seats.

Credits: Himmel, Vitaly.L

Download: BAZ-A079_14 release.rar (94.8 MB)