OMSI 2 Buses

Volvo B10BLE Wright Renown

Submitted on January 24, 2015

Description: Sovereign livery & remapped version with texture template

Credits: ad156 from Do not reprint without credits & this link.


Sanos S-115 BETA

Submitted on December 25, 2014


Support OMSI 1.04 & OMSI 2
Doors do not function properly. Even when they do, passengers do not get in properly for some weird reason. I think it has to do with the model alignment (itisn'tcentered). Matrix is missing, but a patch about this will be released soon, even though it didn't come with a matrix of any kind. Lights etc are not done 100%. All buttons do not work. Some do, some don't. Rely on the keyboard if you're going to try this out. This is a very unoptimized and unstable bus. It can crash and it's very heavy on the GPU memory.

System Requirements:
Dual-Core CPU


Thanks to: Wizard, JSP Skopje and the people there
who helped, Kacper & Marko, Elly for the camera,
Balkan-Simulacije, (Forum), and all fans of
Project Skopje - OMSI on Facebook for the support!
Made by: Nemorosus & Wizard (Original Model)

Download: Sanos S_115_S_200_June .rar (243 MB)


Submitted on June 11, 2014

Credits: Aleksei2506, Lion, il_8

Download: MAZ-105_060.rar 

Citylaz HD 3-Door Bus

Submitted on June 3, 2014

Description: New Ukrainian bus from Vitaly.L

Credits: Vitaly.L

Download: (91.8 MB)

LAZ A141

Submitted on June 2, 2014

Description: The Lviv Bus Factory (LAZ) was founded in 1945 in Ukraine.
The A141 (also known as A141 Liner 9) is a 9 m long bus for urban, suburban and interurban lines. It was introduced in 2006. It's successor is the A141 Liner which was introduced on 29th May 2012.

Credits: 3D model: Himmel, Vitaly.L.
Conversion: Vitaly.L.
Sounds: DarkWolf

Download:  LAZ-A141

Mercedes-Benz Turismo 1.0

Submitted on May 9, 2014

Description: A new long-distance bus to your virtual world. The bus has almost no community rating, only the author says the bus may contain some errors.
If you don't know whether to download the bus, check out the video. If you try the bus, write your feedback in the comments and help the community

Credits: č°brahim Kamay

Download: Mercedes_Benz_Tourismo_v1.rar (64 MB)