MB Citaro Irvine Patch V1.2

Submitted on October 19, 2019


Fix: V1.2 for MB Irvine Citaro
- Mirror works out in the Ki automatically
- 4th door now has proper sound and opens automatically
- "Carriage stops" now works properly
- Rollo now fully functional
- 1st door opens faster now
- Template for the Gn

Also contains:
First Speedfix: V.1.1.0
- Ticket sale now works completely
- correct positions for cancellers, change and ticket sales
- Umlaut 'ü' taken out of the model.cfg for better compatibility

Credits: Sven Daniel, Tarik K, Mx200

Download: MB_Citaro_Irvine_PatchV.1.2.rar (7.3 MB)


By jimmycool81 on October 19, 2019

Hello can you fix people boarding the bus. They keep boarding by the second door and not the first one. Please can you help thank you.

By LotusMods on October 20, 2019

Adjust the priority in

OMSI 2\Vehicles\MB_Citaro_Irvine\Script\door.osc