OMSI 2 Maps

Krefrath Map V3.0

Submitted on October 29, 2017


4GB-Patch is essential to play Krefrath Map V3.0

Krefrath is a medium-sized district town on the Lower Rhine and near the Ruhr area and Bergisches Land.
The 100,000-inhabitant city survived the structural change largely after the decline in heavy industry.
Many old industrial plants have made way for the new urban planning conditions.
Nevertheless, there are still individual active companies spread over the urban area.
In particular, the high density of industry at that time made the city and railway infrastructure the one it is still in many places today.
But also through new facilities such as a college or a Bundesliga race track,
The city has managed to keep up with the times.
The public transport provided by the SWK (Stadtwerke Krefrath GmbH) with the support of subcontractors.
These run through the main station in all parts of the city, over the Rhine and in the neighboring cities directly.
But also the less populated outskirts as well as the villages in the Unkreis are served by bus lines.
Also comes at night, thanks to night bus lines that run in a cruise, the local traffic does not succumb to.
In addition, at peak times, e-buses are also being used, bringing both students to their schools,
as well as bring workers to their farms and pick them up.

V3.0 Update:
Neue Linien: 60, 837, 838, 847, 848, 849, 950
Neues Nachtbussystem mit nun 3 Nachlinien (1N, 2N, 3N)
Verlängerung fast aller Linien
Überarbeitung der Szenerie an vielen Stellen.
Vergrößerung des Kernbereiches um ein paar Kacheln

Credits: Lejaro


Main File:
AI File:
Something Required:
Coin File:
MB O405N2:
MB O530(G),MAN Lion's City Euro 6:
MAN Lion´s City DD [X10 Addon]:
Mercedes-Benz O 407 :
Solaris SU12 UE LE:
Scania Citywide Innenanzeige/inside Display:
Solaris Urbino:
MB O305:

CorumXL2: 2004 Map

Submitted on June 7, 2017


Details: 2004 year edititon for CorumXL map, New lines, new AI busses and new buildings, Chrono used new ai lists.
Bus line 21 - M.Sinan -Fuar full route 11 km. for gelenkbuse line.
Bus line 36 - Buhara - Konak full route 9 km. for gelenkbuse line.
Copyright: Freewere, and thanks to producer.

Credits: 1942ertan

Download: CorumXL2-2004_Map .rar (677 MB) and CorumXL2-2004Busses .rar (342 MB)

[Payware] Fuzhou Map + Demo Version

Submitted on June 7, 2017


[Payware] Fuzhou Map is based on real bus routes in Fuzhou City (a provincial capital in southeast China). The map, so far, is renowned for the sense of reality and is ranked as the best OMSI 2 map in China.

The demo version is free of charge, but does not include textures and sceneries.

UPDATE: The complete version is temporarily unavailable for purchasing.

Necessary sceneryobjects:
More tree addon (copy into Sceneryobjects/FUZHOUCITY)

Credits: Truck Driver (

Download (Demo Version): FuzhouCity_-_OMSI_2.rar (106 MB)


Map Egypt - Cairo

Submitted on June 3, 2017


I present you a map of the city of Cairo in Egypt.

There are no traffic lights, there are few where there are stripes of marking. In short, the road is a total chaos. Roads are often very narrow, even difficult to squeeze.

35 - Tahir SQ <> Hegaz SQ (~ 30 min)

From the archive, everything is unpacked into the root folder of the game - for example, "D: / Games / OMSI 2 /".

Credits: Ibrahim Nassef

Download: (41.6 MB)

Moscow Northern Administrative District V2.0

Submitted on May 18, 2017


Moscow, Northern Administrative District, version 2.0.

The size of the map compared to the first version (Moscow, the North 1.0) doubled.
The bus network of the northern part of Moscow is modeled, located between the railways of the Leningrad and Savelovo directions.
The players are available 15 days of routes of different lengths and three fictional night routes. The picture of the virtual world is supplemented by 13 traffic routes, four of which imitate trolleybus lines.
The map does not pretend to be 100% reliable, but in general the network of roads is as close as possible to the real, with rare exceptions, caused by the desire or the need to optimize the map for the features of the simulator.

Archive contains:
- a card;
- installation guide;
- the scheme of routes;
- code table (IBIS)


Дмитрий Романов - создание карты, 3D объекты, тестирование карты;
Александр Качалин - 3D объекты;
Ярослав Московка - тестирование карты.

Download: (900+ MB)

Fiktiv Szczecin v2

Submitted on October 14, 2016


57: Kollataja <> Warszewo
58: Plac Rodla <> Goclaw
59: Plac Rodla <> Nehringa Pomnik
63: Kollataja <> Skolwin
68: Plac Rodla (F) <> Kormoranow
78: Kollataja <> Osiedle Arkonskie
82: Kollataja <> Krucza Dom Kombatanta
87: Kollataja <> Laczna <> Podborz
101: Plac Rodla <> Hoza <> Police Rynek
102: Goclaw <> Police Rynek <> Police Tanowska Szkola
107: Plac Rodla <> Police Osiedle Chemik
109: Police Rynek <> Police Osiedle Chemik
111: Police Rynek <> Police Zajezdnia
522: Plac Rodla <> Warszewo/Kormoranow
523: Plac Grunwaldzki  <> Wiszeslawa
524: Plac Grunwaldzki <> Police Zajezdnia
525: Wiszeslawa <> Stocznia Szczecinska
526: Wiszeslawa <> Police Zajezdnia
530: Plac Rodla <> Podborz
532: Plac Rodla <> Osiedle Arkonskie
S1: Osiedle Arkonskie <> Police Tanowska Szkola (školní spoj)
S2: Police Tanowska Szkola <> Goclaw (školní spoj)
S3: Wiszeslawa <> Plac Rodla (školní spoj)
A: Plac Rodla <> Studzienna
B: Plac Rodla <> Osiedle Arkonskie
C: Plac Rodla <> Police Osiedle Chemik
811: Stocznia Szczecinska <> Plac Rodla (TRAM 11)

Credits: TheFloxiCz

Download: Fiktiv Szczecin V2 + Projekt Szczecin.7z (652 MB)

Ebstein Map

Submitted on July 31, 2016

Description: Ebstein mod Omsi 2

Credits: doho, hrom201

Download: Ebstein.7z (596 MB)

Fengxiang Small Town

Submitted on June 10, 2016


The map is based on a real small town.
Route 21: Fengxiang Town to Longxiang Town.
Route 22: Mommy's Restaurant to Longxiang Terminal.

Credits: 钟山LD

Download: (646 KB)