Man lion's City DL18 v1.1

Submitted on November 4, 2019


I have transferred the design of the newly shown Lion's City to the old Berlin DD as well as I could. No changes were made to the actual 3D model. That is, it is a repaint-based mod. This mod is purely fictional.

New features:
new exterior textures
new xenon headlamps with combined LED light strip for daytime, stationary and flashing lights
new LED side marker lights new LED taillights
new LED matrix (white) with original Lawo fonts (by Teneberus)
customized X10 yard file (by Teneberus) Repaint-dependent car numbers and license plates
repaintable rims and tires (on the main repaint)
corrected driving physics

Credits: Trammi, Marcel Kuhnt, Teneberus

Download:  DL18_mod.rar (3.9 MB) & DL18_patch1.1.rar (27 KB)