Addon Masterbus Gen 3 and Masterlite DLC

Submitted on November 22, 2019


Each DLC package includes:

  1. A full copy of the latest version of the DLC, including every file so you are guaranteed an identical experience to users who obtain the DLC officially
  2. Simple installation instructions from start to finish, to ensure you have no difficulty in using our DLC packages
  3. A cumulative changelog of the DLC's updates so you know what each new DLC update brings, and what previous DLC updates have added
  4. All optional official addons released by the developers, e.g. a branding patch which adds real life logos and emblems (these also include installation instructions and all files so you have an identical and stress free experience)
  5. Information on where to download community-made modifications, repaints (liveries) and other content, also including installation instructions for this
  6. A clearly labelled manual with the same title as the DLC so it is easy to locate (the lazy developers neglected this)
  7. Any notes, current issues or technical details to look out for (useful for community modders)

The latest version and latest updated links to these packages is available on the link below. Includes 7 different file hoster links, including torrent.

Credits: Steam DLC