Liaz 5292.67

Submitted on March 22, 2020


Immediately make a reservation that this is an “attempt” (or zakos) to make exactly .67 and precisely 2017. The driver’s cab didn’t change from the word at all, the cab remained from the 2012 model, for example, well and so in the little things the lyase-drocher is sure to find what to dig into. I did it for myself, but suddenly someone comes in handy, I’m not greedy.Alteration based on LIAZ 5292.22 2012 (from the Liazov pack) 

– Added HBO
– Removed ASKP (entry-exit through all doors equally)
– Added seats for the driver (passcode corrected, as well as the sticker on capacity)
– Seats and doors from 2017 (seat textures)
– Repainting of the Nizhny Novgorod NPAT
– Added two static MUs (removable)
– All sorts of little things

Credits: Bendowls

Download: (154 MB)


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