Bolloré Bluebus IS

Submitted on June 2, 2020

Description: Bluebus SE12

Credits: Acrotere Design

Download: (275 MB) & (737 KB)


By Acrotere_design on June 5, 2020

Hi, I'm the CEO/founder of Acrotere Design, as it was precised in the readme file from that bus, re-upload of our project is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. This is an non commercial use addon, and as of right now you are making money with this links which might put us in trouble with Bolloré, moreover, because of you link, which will quickly get outdated (it is allready outdated since we published 3 patchs), we will receive a ton of questions about old versions. Please think about the creators and stop this nonsense of reuploading mods which by the way is prohibited by France's law !!!