Tram T6M-700, T6M-400 Sofia 100 & T8M-301 Bulgaria 1300 V3

Submitted on May 22, 2020


After almost 5 months of work I present you my first models - the bulgarian series T6M-700, T6M-400 Sofia 100 and T8M-301 Bulgaria 1300.
A little history. The tram network in Sofia was opened in 1901 and was served by 1000mm gauge cars. After WW1 the track was in so poor conditions that after measurements it was decided to resize it to 1009mm. Until WW2 most part of the vehicles were delivered from european manufacturers. In 1936 was built the first bulgarian tram in ing. Kardalev' s workshop. This event marks the beginning of the bulgarian tram production. Later the workshop was natinalized and given the name "Tram factory - Sofia" and started a massive production based only on the usage of bulgarian parts. In the 80's was introduced the new two section model T6M-400 named Sofia 100 after the 100th anniversary of Sofia's proclamation of capital. T8M-301 was introduced shortly after, a three section model of the existing Sofia 100, named Bulgaria 1300 after the state's 13th century anniversary. In 1985 was introduced an improved version of Sofia 100, the T6M-700 which has a new bogie with group drive of wheelsets.
This package contains three models, T6M-400, T8M-301 and T6M-700. Because of the few differences between the two section models they are grouped under the name of T6M-700. However some adjustments can be made trough CTI_ Textures. The two section model comes with the unique modification of a snowplow Sofia 100 no. 416.
! Before playing you should add new key events manually. More information in the readme!

Credits: CometBG, technical support by the community of

Download: Tramkar_bundle_12.5.2020 .zip (530 MB)

Mercedes-Benz FL "18 Meter 3 Door" DB Autokraft Skin

Submitted on May 22, 2020

Description:  Thanks for downloading.

Credits: AltPekMods

Download: (8.4 MB)

Steel Valley V3.0

Submitted on May 21, 2020


News routes: 701, 702, 901
New cities: Marlieria, Dionisio, Cava Grande, Jaguaraçu
and more...

Credits: playmarquintm

Download: MainFile.rar (1.06 GB) & SceneryObjects.rar (654 MB)

LiAZ 6213.65-77

Submitted on May 9, 2020


There are shoals with repainting around the muzzle Note: the last door is opened with 3 buttons from the right to the left, 4 of them are closed
Modification of the articulated bus on the basis of the LiAZ-5292.65-77 bus with an increase in the aisle in the tail part of the bus, in front of the engine shaft, an enlarged engine shaft and a new front and rear optics of the bus. The launch of the bus into mass production started in mid-September 2016.

Credits: unknown

Download: LiAZ_6213.65_2017.7z (197 MB)

Torino GV Trolleybus Articulado Volvo

Submitted on May 9, 2020


Hello, Today I bring you another launch, an iconic bus from São Paulo, it is the famous Trolleybus 8000, the first with Air Conditioning.
It was manufactured in 1985 with a CAIO Amélia body, but was refitted in 1997.
It has rear porthole, wheelchair area and optional floor details, to change click on them.
It has animated levers.
It also has an exchangeable sign between Canvas and Flip Dot (which when selected also activates the small auxiliary sign on the side). To change click on the location indicated in the images at the end.
To start the engine, press E and then press and hold M until it starts.
chassis year: 1985
body year: 1997
weight: 12460KG
Length: 18.2M
banks: 42
engine: Gevisa 615 VOLTS


Body and interior: Luiz Felipe Bonamigo, Luiz Matheus, Marcos Elias and RedJoker.
Banks, Glass and Panel: Redjoker.
Articulation: Marcos Elias edited by RedJoker.
Volante e Arras: Sergio Guilherme.
Wheels: Victor Ortega with editions made by RedJoker.
Scripts: Kyle Ortiz, Marcos Elias, Marcos Henrique, M & R Software, Ondrej Slucik.
Special thanks to Samuel Tuzi and the Portal do Ônibus team for helping to maintain the history of this vehicle.
Base of IKARUS 280 GVM:
TEETA, Anton-EEP, Moskur and DarkWolf.
Here are some images of the model:

Download: Torino GV TROLEBUS B58 ARTICULADO.rar (57.2 MB)

Bad Insider V0.99

Submitted on April 30, 2020


Bad Insider is a medium-sized town in Switzerland, somewhere between Beinwil am See AG (popularly known as Böju) and Densbüren AG (Deischpere). From the manageable bus station, some bus routes lead over idyllic country roads to the villages of Hogquatsch, Europalingen, Kayayanar, Windoof, Kahledorf-Nitschmanningen and others.

The local bus company has a long history: First there were two bus companies, Bad Insider Bus (BIB) and Windoofer Busbetrieb (WBB), which have been working together intensively for a long time. BIB has a depot near the Bad Insider main train station, the WBB depot is near the Windoofer center. The BIB operates a total of nine and a half lines, the WBB four and a half lines (half the line is the 571, which is operated by both companies). In 2010 the two companies merged to form the Bad Insider-Windoof-Busbetrieb (BIWB), which still exists today. To celebrate the 5-year anniversary, the Bad Insider-Windoof-Express was introduced to strengthen the relationship between the two locations of the BIWX.

Eight lines have been implemented for the player, including the BIWX and the night bus with a circuit length of 60 minutes. The remaining lines usually take 10-20 minutes.

Credits: BOGGspotter

Bad Insider (237 MB)
Alle Tangens Objekte (60 MB) (3 KB)

Neoplan N4020

Submitted on April 26, 2020


I present to you the city bus – Neoplan N4020.
The model is of good quality.
The password has been fixed and German characters removed.

Credits: LANEK, fixOPC.

Download: (508 MB)