City Bottrop V2.1

Submitted on December 21, 2014


At the northern end of the Ruhr area between Dorsten, Essen and Gladbeck lies the city of Bottrop. With its 130,000 inhabitants, the city traverses 10 bus lines that run every 10 to 30 minutes. The Bottrop ZOB plays a central role here. From here you can then reach many destinations in the Ruhr area. The city of Dorsten is also integrated. There are a total of 4 bus lines. From here you can drive to Bottrop HBF or Bottrop ZOB. At 50 minutes, the SB16 line is the longest line. In recent weeks and months, a lot of objects have been worked on, so that this real / fictional map gets more realism.

Credits: hoffenheim90

Download:!s443WKoI!WS31gDi-w1w_joghak_P9m61UHnhAsrhC0mSxtjKUxw (414 MB)


Map Innsbruck V1.2

Submitted on December 14, 2014


This is a real map.

At the Realtät oriented replica of the line J of public transportation services (IVB).
For now, only the section from marketplace to northern chain is passable.
The following lines can be run:
J: Marketplace <-> North chain
N7: Marketplace <-> North chain
HBB: Congress <-> Hungerburg
The HBB line here represents the replacement bus service for the Hungerburgbahn.

Changelog V1.0 -> V1.2:
- Map is now OMSI2-compatible
- AI buses O405N2 -> O530 / O530G with matching repaints
- Adapted AI ti ble
- Environment locally adapted
- Ti ble of line J to the currently valid adapted (10-minute intervals Monday-Friday, ...)

Credits: Innsbruck

Download: (101 MB)

Poland Karbowo Map

Submitted on October 17, 2014


Hello everybody on my birthday!
As I promissed in a trailer, here's my map. The map is fictional as the title says.
Map content:
One the map you can find one line - 130 which connects Nicości Karbowskie with Literacka street.
Choosing the line in game is easy and standard: 13000 as a line, 1 or 2 as route.
Heir with Cristian Skytter's help.
Thanks for support to: NightHauler, mmiki26, Taryfiosz, Przemek!, nicer34567 and eSeL.
This project wouldn't be the same without them or could never be released.
Building time:
Three months
The map should work in OMSI 1 1.04, OMSI 1 1.06 and OMSI 2.
When it comes to optimalization, I guess it's very good and you shouldn't have any problems with FPS.
Map needs 2 GB of disk space when unpacked (634 MB for rar file)
The project also contains some unique news like moving trees, flying birds with sound and new helper system.
I wish you as much fun as I had working on this map.

Credits: [email protected]

Download: (634 MB)

Transmac Macau Bus Skin for NL202(EN92)

Submitted on August 30, 2014

Description: Skin of Transportes Urbanos de Macau S.A.R.L.,TRANSMAC

Credits: 189 (

Download: Transmac.rar (2.84 MB)