Map Innsbruck V1.2

Submitted on December 14, 2014


This is a real map.

At the Realtät oriented replica of the line J of public transportation services (IVB).
For now, only the section from marketplace to northern chain is passable.
The following lines can be run:
J: Marketplace <-> North chain
N7: Marketplace <-> North chain
HBB: Congress <-> Hungerburg
The HBB line here represents the replacement bus service for the Hungerburgbahn.

Changelog V1.0 -> V1.2:
- Map is now OMSI2-compatible
- AI buses O405N2 -> O530 / O530G with matching repaints
- Adapted AI ti ble
- Environment locally adapted
- Ti ble of line J to the currently valid adapted (10-minute intervals Monday-Friday, ...)

Credits: Innsbruck

Download: (101 MB)

Ford Transit

Submitted on December 12, 2014

Description: A drivable car

Credits: Siergiej Michajłow, Aleksander GAZelist

Download: Ford_transit.rar (45 MB) and Patch

Poland Karbowo Map

Submitted on October 17, 2014


Hello everybody on my birthday!
As I promissed in a trailer, here's my map. The map is fictional as the title says.
Map content:
One the map you can find one line - 130 which connects Nicości Karbowskie with Literacka street.
Choosing the line in game is easy and standard: 13000 as a line, 1 or 2 as route.
Heir with Cristian Skytter's help.
Thanks for support to: NightHauler, mmiki26, Taryfiosz, Przemek!, nicer34567 and eSeL.
This project wouldn't be the same without them or could never be released.
Building time:
Three months
The map should work in OMSI 1 1.04, OMSI 1 1.06 and OMSI 2.
When it comes to optimalization, I guess it's very good and you shouldn't have any problems with FPS.
Map needs 2 GB of disk space when unpacked (634 MB for rar file)
The project also contains some unique news like moving trees, flying birds with sound and new helper system.
I wish you as much fun as I had working on this map.


Download: (634 MB)

Transmac Macau Bus Skin for NL202(EN92)

Submitted on August 30, 2014

Description: Skin of Transportes Urbanos de Macau S.A.R.L.,TRANSMAC

Credits: 189 (

Download: Transmac.rar (2.84 MB)

OMSI 2 Airport Map

Submitted on August 24, 2014


This a free add-on for the omnibus simulator that simulates the everyday life of a bus driver at the airport. 


Download: (444.2 MB)