Pruszkow Map

Submitted on November 30, 2015

Description: Pruszkow – a small town in Poland. The map contains a circular route, duration of 20 minutes.

Credits: esel, otto88

Download: (690.9 MB)

MAZ 103465 (2014)

Submitted on November 24, 2015

Description: MAZ 103465 (2014) bus mod for Omsi 2

Credits: Dhanny, il_86, Aleksei2506

Download: MAZ-103.465__2014__OMSI2.7z (130 MB)

Map Ettbruck V1.2

Submitted on November 9, 2015

Update V1.2:
Terrain Editing error should now finally resolved
Hall, but no more sun effect in the tunnel
Corrected position of some auxiliary arrows
Added plug Signs

Required addon:

Payware-Addon "Stadtbus O305" (außer bei Verwendung alternativer AI-Lists)
Payware-Addon "Wien/LU200" (das aus Omsi 1-Zeiten, nur für optionalen Straßenbahnverkehr)
Additional Traffic Signs 

Addon gcWorld 
Busdrivers Objekte 
Kamaz Objekte und O405N2 
Jan Kiesewalters Leitplanke 
Nemolus Verkehrszeichen 
Steven1996s Objekte 
Chrizzlys Windräder
Zane Objekte 
Yufa Splines
Coopers Lawo Matrix 
MB O307
Ergänzung 26.10./19:00 Hinweisschilder von Busdriver werden auch benötigt! Hinweisschilder V1.1


Credits: Waldheini12

Download: Ettbruck Release Pack - Version 1.2 (78 MB)

Volvo B340M (BETA)

Submitted on September 17, 2015


Autor do Modelo: Kaio
Painel: Kaio
Bancos: Kaio
Caixas, piso: Kaio
Balaustres: Fellype3D
Upgrade + Edição para padrão Campinas: Kaio
Skin: Kaio
Desenho e pintura: Kaio
botões do painel: Lucas
Cameras: Lucas3D
mapeamento e botões de marcha: Lucas3D
Volante: Lucas3D


Projekt Modřany Route205

Submitted on September 16, 2015


I wanted to make the map at least a bit real, but I do not want to write that I'm making a real map, thresholds! Because it has two hooks 1 hook is that I will not model objects! But I'm getting enough of those things that are in stock, and I'm going to try to make the objects that are similar to those objects on the Komorany Družná route. 2 hook is how you know the terrain, the cheerleader makes me trouble, not that I can not put him in the Editor that not the field there I have written, but unfortunately I can not build in the field. So maybe you will like my map of Modřany.Mapa Modřany is a semi-real map of Prague from line 205 from Komořan to Družná stop. The length of the route is 10 min and 4 KmRok 2010The first stage of three is finished. The first stage will serve the following stops: KOMOŘANY Modřany Sugar StationModranyRoom SquareNa HavranceTylova QuarterDružná

Credits: pepdol

Download: (1.4 GB)

Neobus Spectrum City MB OF-1418

Submitted on September 12, 2015


There are two versions of the gearbox: automatic and manual


Aroldian Silva

Download: Neobus_Spectrum_City_MB_OF-1418.rar 

Ikarus 255.70 v3.0

Submitted on August 22, 2015


Модель: 242, VL67, Laci BAS-953, IkarusSTR, CCV-520 
Звуки: BX 59-70, Laci BAS-953, CCV-520, IkarusV134, bocskor3, C56, M-R software 
Текстуры: 242, CCV-520, IkarusSTR, Routeres 
Скрипты: Nemeza, CCV-520, Laci BAS-953, M-R software 


Bronsmeer 2.0 v1.2

Submitted on August 14, 2015


Bronsmeer is a fictive city in the Netherlands. It's quiet, old and has some challenging roads for you to explorer. Your job is to transport the passengers under the flag of the arriva transport group. You're driving with modern citaro busses and a tight, but yet workable schedule. There are 5 buslines for you to explorer.
Busline's 11 and 12 serve the city of Bronsmeer and the smaller village Droosden in a 30 minute frequency. These lines are short but coupled to each other. Together with busline 124, line 11 makes a 4 times a hour frequency with the historic city centre of Bronsmeer. A popular place for tourists to visit.
Busline 125 is coupled to lines 11 and 12 (except on sundays). This line is driving with the same frequency as lines 11 and 12. The busline serves Droosden, Overhuizen, heeringerpoort (industrial area), heeringen, AZC heeringen (a busy stop) and veerdal. This line takes you to area's that aren't covered by other buslines. It's a diverse route with some challenges. The route is a 25 minute drive.
Busline 128 connects IJsseldam and Veerdal with Liswoudde. The route is one of the easier but still a challenging one. With a tight schedule you have little room for error. The line also serves Flora Holland. The famous dutch flower auction. Unlike the other lines, this busline doesn't start and end at a bus or train station. So don't you worry that you are not at the right stop. This line also has a length of 25 minutes.
Busline 124 is the longest busline of them all. It's the main line of Bronsmeer, most of the other lines connect to this line. In the rush hour, this line drives in a 30 minute frequency. In the late evening and in the weekend it has a 1 time a hour frequency. But because it is adapted to the other lines, we were still able to get a good coverage throughout Bronsmeer. This busline serves Heeringen, Overhuizen, Bronsmeer, Ijsseldam, Heimeer, Liswoudde and Zuiderwaard. The route takes 50 minutes to complete.
Busline 342 is an R-net line. R-net is an high quality transport service that uses busses in a standard livery used by all bus companies, high frequency lines and a fast, direct line that only stops at a few bus stops. Busline 342 has an length of 25 minutes and goes from Heeringen via Ijsseldam and Liswoudde to Zuiderwaard. The route isn't very challenging but still not easy. The bus waits for 3 minutes at Ijsseldam busstation to insure the connection to other lines. From monday till saturday this line has a 2x a hour frequency, in evenings and on sundays it has a 1x a hour frequency. This line uses articulated busses.
Please read before use the read-me.
Have fun with the map!

Credits: unknown

Download:  Part 1, Part2, Part 3