Fiktiv Szczecin v2

Submitted on October 14, 2016


57: Kollataja <> Warszewo
58: Plac Rodla <> Goclaw
59: Plac Rodla <> Nehringa Pomnik
63: Kollataja <> Skolwin
68: Plac Rodla (F) <> Kormoranow
78: Kollataja <> Osiedle Arkonskie
82: Kollataja <> Krucza Dom Kombatanta
87: Kollataja <> Laczna <> Podborz
101: Plac Rodla <> Hoza <> Police Rynek
102: Goclaw <> Police Rynek <> Police Tanowska Szkola
107: Plac Rodla <> Police Osiedle Chemik
109: Police Rynek <> Police Osiedle Chemik
111: Police Rynek <> Police Zajezdnia
522: Plac Rodla <> Warszewo/Kormoranow
523: Plac Grunwaldzki  <> Wiszeslawa
524: Plac Grunwaldzki <> Police Zajezdnia
525: Wiszeslawa <> Stocznia Szczecinska
526: Wiszeslawa <> Police Zajezdnia
530: Plac Rodla <> Podborz
532: Plac Rodla <> Osiedle Arkonskie
S1: Osiedle Arkonskie <> Police Tanowska Szkola (školní spoj)
S2: Police Tanowska Szkola <> Goclaw (školní spoj)
S3: Wiszeslawa <> Plac Rodla (školní spoj)
A: Plac Rodla <> Studzienna
B: Plac Rodla <> Osiedle Arkonskie
C: Plac Rodla <> Police Osiedle Chemik
811: Stocznia Szczecinska <> Plac Rodla (TRAM 11)

Credits: TheFloxiCz

Download: Fiktiv Szczecin V2 + Projekt Szczecin.7z (652 MB)

Jelcz M081MB "Vero"

Submitted on October 8, 2016


After over a year of work I decided to release the Jelcz Vero model to OMSI. Despite the long stagnation of the work, I led him to the end so that I could give him into your hands. As in the title the pack contains the "Krakow" version and two others. The first one is based on the Verach from Krakow, the year 2007 from Bieńczycka depot. Therefore, the equipment is supposed to correspond to real MPK prototypes. The model is equipped with a passenger information system from R & G, Astromal seats, electronic mileage meter or darker desktop, 6-speed manual transmission. In addition, the year 2006> have a slightly modified front, the door buttons on the left. There is also a Vero with manual transmission of 5-speed version with R & G system (from cities such as Łódź, Pabianice and Olkusz) and PIXEL system (eg Bielsko-Biała).
I realize that the model may have errors. It is very possible that I did not capture everything. Moreover, the whole thing made it difficult for me to never go Vero and make a completely different model. Should not have any shortcomings: there may be some bug in the animation, not fit in the model, but the overall model is completed. Please report any errors to me; In the future I would like to make corrections, if necessary.
In the game itself: the model has automatic clutch, R & G by mateusz612, cold start, complicated signaling system of the stop NZ.

Credits: Pablo_Osw,nsn, Karmazynowy_Piekarz, Invis, CraherPL

Download: (Need an Account)

Vanhool A320 V1.5

Submitted on October 3, 2016

Description: The A320 is different in appearance from the A360 by the position of the windows
and the second door. In an A320 there are three windows between first and second door, when theA360 are only two. Also, the second door is located closer to the rear axle.

The third door may be held open in the same way that the second
Added Odometer
Switching on the light "E-Gas"
Adding a sound alert "engine overheating"
Updating textures by Cauchopan
The handles on the ceiling moving in the rotating
And the bulk of the update, adding the version 2 doors of the bus with an engine Mercedes OM442 and ZF 4 HP500.


3D : Agora Citelis
Scripts : Marcel Kuhnt, Rüdiger Hülsmann, Lamanorbu, Gwendal, Agora Citelis
Textures : Hobusmaton, Agora Citelis
Sounds : Hobusmaton, Lamanorbu, Agora Citelis


SweetFX 1.0.2

Submitted on September 9, 2016

Description: Graphic mod

Credits: unknown

Download: SweetFX 1.0.2.rar 

MAN Lion's City A37

Submitted on September 2, 2016


MAN Lion's City A21It's been over a year in the running and I think it's time you all got the chance to get your hands on it for yourselves. It's a simple install by copying the contents of the ZIP file to your OMSI 2 directory. Standard HOF files are included but you'll need to add any others. 

Please note that there are still some things to finish and those will come in an update, plus i'm working on some variations that include a hybrid. Some of the main textures are high-res and may be a problem on lower-end PCs. To avoid problems make sure you've installed the 4Gb patch to give OMSI 2 more memory to play with.


EEV and Euro 6 versions
Voith and ZF gearboxes
MAN D0836 vertical engine
Krueger LED matrix display
2 Doors with automatic operation on rear
A selection of realistic demonstrator liveries to choose from (Photoshop repaint templates included)
Ster Newcity seating
Spheros SC-1000 air conditioning control unit

Don't forget to read the included manual. I've never written one before so hopefully have covered everything and it includes credits to those that have helped me or allowed me to use various parts and sounds.

For more info and to keep updated, head over to


Credits: V3D Studios


LiAZ 5292.22.02 Suburbs

Submitted on August 30, 2016


LiAZ 5292.22.02 Suburbs [RUS]

Version LiAZ_5292.22_02no ASKP ordinary suburban version without ASKP. 

Version LiAZ_5292.22_02 new doors no ASKP suburban version with full glass door

In all versions of the monitor with camer.LiAZ Suburban 5292.22.02 version LiAZ-5292.22. This modification has no rear doors, number of seats increased to 32 . The archive includes 4 versions of the bus. 

Version LiAZ 5292.22_02 ordinary suburban version, equipped with ASKP. 

Version LiAZ_5292.22_02 new doors differs from the previous doors with full glass, is also present, ASKP.


Download: LiAZ_5292.22.02_Suburbs.rar (152 MB) Hotfix: Fix_LiAZ_5292.22.02_Suburbs.rar

Mercedes-Benz 709D

Submitted on August 28, 2016


Mercedes-Benz 709D bus mod for Omsi 2
Minibus Mercedes with right-hand drive.

Credits: unknown

Download: Mercedes-Benz_709D_OMSI2.rar (55 MB)

Setra S317 UL

Submitted on August 7, 2016


Same like my Setra S319 UL, but in a new chassis. Every important is in the readme.pdf and in the game. Have Fun!


Model: LnD
Convert: LnD
Engine sounds: Morphi

Download: Setra_S317ULGT_v1_3.rar (69 MB)