More Passengers for MAN Lion's City A21

Submitted on June 4, 2017

Description: More Passengers for MAN Lion's City A21

Credits: micovivin (

Download: passengercabin.rar (1.11 KB)

CKD Tatra KT4D

Submitted on June 4, 2017


The Prague tram in the modernized Berlin versions.
Before using it for the first time, we recommend a look at the manual under Omsi 2 \ Addons \ KT4D \.

The main component of the add-on are the two modernized KT4Dm and KT4Dtm coaches of CKD Tatra, as they were on the road at Berlin's public transport companies. Nevertheless, the vehicles of other transport companies can be adjusted to a certain extent. Have fun with it.

Repaints and mods are allowed and welcome, but please, I do not overwrite any original files if possible. Please refrain from re-uploading the original archive. If in doubt, just contact me in the forum.

Credits: Feindflug, Kartoffelphantom und viele weitere (siehe Handbuch)

Download: (431 MB)

Skoda 21Ab Low-floor bus

Submitted on June 3, 2017


Low-floor bus manufactured in Czech for OMSI 2
Once it was private, but now it's free for distribution. Accordingly, in terms of scripts and sounds, the quality of the model is at the highest level.
An automatic gearbox is installed, 1 variant of painting the body.

Credits: RedGunn


Map Egypt - Cairo

Submitted on June 3, 2017


I present you a map of the city of Cairo in Egypt.

There are no traffic lights, there are few where there are stripes of marking. In short, the road is a total chaos. Roads are often very narrow, even difficult to squeeze.

35 - Tahir SQ <> Hegaz SQ (~ 30 min)

From the archive, everything is unpacked into the root folder of the game - for example, "D: / Games / OMSI 2 /".

Credits: Ibrahim Nassef

Download: (41.6 MB)


Submitted on May 30, 2017


I bring you the Padron Rio for the game, modeled, converted and animated by me, in partnership with Gabriel Barbosa that took care of the adjustments of sounds, suspension, brakes, gearboxes and engine, with the script base of Caio Apache S21 Wallace Machado Modeling, the excellent sound of the Gabriel 3d MBB OF 1318 and the Alisson Morphi (Automatic Version) transmission, under the chassis Mercedes OF-1618, in Sorocaba / SP standard.
Hope you like it!

Credits: Aguial Design

Download: Aguial Design - Path Ciferal Padron Rio .7z (562 MB)

Moscow Northern Administrative District V2.0

Submitted on May 18, 2017


Moscow, Northern Administrative District, version 2.0.

The size of the map compared to the first version (Moscow, the North 1.0) doubled.
The bus network of the northern part of Moscow is modeled, located between the railways of the Leningrad and Savelovo directions.
The players are available 15 days of routes of different lengths and three fictional night routes. The picture of the virtual world is supplemented by 13 traffic routes, four of which imitate trolleybus lines.
The map does not pretend to be 100% reliable, but in general the network of roads is as close as possible to the real, with rare exceptions, caused by the desire or the need to optimize the map for the features of the simulator.

Archive contains:
- a card;
- installation guide;
- the scheme of routes;
- code table (IBIS)


Дмитрий Романов - создание карты, 3D объекты, тестирование карты;
Александр Качалин - 3D объекты;
Ярослав Московка - тестирование карты.

Download: (900+ MB)

Karosa C956 / Irisbus Axer

Submitted on April 3, 2017


Beta version. It is executed quite qualitatively. Good sounds.
Worked incorrectly because of the crocodiles in the details, configs and repaints, fixed.

Credits: unknown


Caetano Levante (Volvo B9R/B11R)

Submitted on January 25, 2017

Description: This model was found on third-party sites, the model is well-developed, in the archive there are 2 models of two and three axle modifications.

Credits: AD156, Lowlander21, Sunny2807, BusFanat, Lowlander21, Wizard / Alterr team, Whistlehead.