Higer KLQ6770G

Submitted on June 3, 2018

Description: Higer KLQ6770G, Yuchai four-cylinder engine

Credits: 神盾无敌 (bbs.18wos.org)

Download: http://sharemods.com/uh4yqnsdg7xe/KLQ6770.rar.html (96 MB)


The South London Project: Route 3/N3 v2.8.1

Submitted on June 2, 2018


Drive along the southern section of London Bus Route 3/N3 between Kennington and Crystal Palace via Brixton.
There is also a rail-replacement service between Brixton and West Dulwich Stations via Herne Hill Station.
Route 3/N3 is operated by Abellio London with a frequency of every 7 minutes during peak hours on Monday - Friday, every 3-10 minutes on Saturdays, and every 10 minutes on Sundays. Route N3 runs every 15 minutes at all times.
The map is currently 6 miles in length, however expansion for the next version has already commenced.
There is a small charge of £2.99 for the map. This will give users the experience to receive exclusive updates when the remaining bit of route 3 is implemented.
IBIS Codes:
Route 3
00301 - Crystal Palace to Kennington
00302 - Kennington to Crystal Palace
00303 - South Croxted Road to Kennington
00304 - Kennington to South Croxted Road
00305 - Crystal Palace to Brixton
00306 - Brixton to Crystal Palace
00307 - Brixton, Morval Road to Kennington
00308 - Kennington to Brixton, Morval Road
Route N3
00321 - Crystal Palace to Kennington
00322 - Kennington to Crystal Palace
Railway Replacement Service
00021 - Brixton to West Dulwich
00022 - West Dulwich to Brixton

Credits: RhysDaniel, Rhys-Geoffrey

Download: TSLPV281.7z (218 MB) & corrected hof

MAN 24.310 12M Berkhof KMB Beta 0.1

Submitted on April 23, 2018

Description: *Only for OMSI2

Credits: BoYgod Studio

3D Transport Studio - Original Model
Man1333's Garage - Dash Object
MB Workshop - Sound & Tune
KT 4404 - Script
S3V15‧OMSI - Sound
M_3 Studio - Texture
Gx7767 Studio - Script
Bunny - Wheel Object

Download: MAN_24.310_12M_Berkhof_KMB Beta 0.1.rar (245 MB)

Hong Kong West Kowloon V2.10

Submitted on April 9, 2018

Description: West Kowloon, Hong KongTsim Sha Tsui is a cape on the tip of the Kowloon Peninsula pointing towards Victoria Harbour, opposite Central. It is known for a major tourist hub in metropolitan Hong Kong. Star Ferry Pier at the southernmost tip of Tsim Sha Tsui is the most historical pier in Hong Kong that operates the pedestrian ferry service across Victoria Harbour to Central/Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island. Star Ferry Pier comes with a bus terminus that hosts many of the earliest KMB bus routes travelling to various parts of Kowloon (Wikipedia). This OMSI map addon tends to simulate the main part of West Kowloon that players can drive most such major bus routes travelling Yau Tsim Mong and Sham Shui Po districts. The current version has KMB routes 2, 6 and 6A to drive, and the next version would have KMB routes 6C, 6F and 212 available to drive.

Credits: taxidriverhk

Download (1.4 GB): 


Other Required Files 1
Other Required Files 2

Nowe Piekary Town Map

Submitted on March 18, 2018


Nowe Piekary (Piekary Wlkp - Piechcin v2.0) - the second version of the project From the author:
Due to the fact that the previous version was rather short and poorly optimized,
I decided that I would sit still on the project. I worked on optimization and refinement
new fragments of the map. In this state, as you now see the map, it should exit
the first version, but everyone makes their own mistakes. At present, the map has a length of
8 km, the road takes about 15 minutes, and two cities are added (Lednogóra, Jerzykowo).

Adaptation to Cyrillic OS: Alexey Kholzakov.

Installation: the contents of the folder mapa (in the archive) put in the root of the game.
A previous version of the map is not required.

Credits: Артём

Download: http://sharemods.com/bkki9vgyxrre/Nowe_Piekary.7z.html (309 MB)

Eberlinsee-Schönau V2.0 (Tram Map)

Submitted on March 10, 2018


Project name: Eberlinsee-Schönau
Involved persons: Tempo1, Feindflug, Kartoffel phantom and many others (see manual)
Project details: Yes, you have read correctly. Eberlinsee and Schönau have been connected, and are now fully accessible as a separate, new map. The highlight of the map is the connecting line 10 between the Schönauer and the Eberlinseer main station.
Copyright: Mods are welcome, but I ask that you do not overwrite any original files. Please also refrain from the re-upload of the download archive. In case of doubt just turn to Tempo1, Feindflug or me.
Additional addons required: For details and links see manual.

Hamburg day and night
Tram NF6D
CKD Tatra KT4D
Mercedes-Benz Citaro facelift (Helvete)
Mercedes-Benz Vario 12D
Bad Karlstein Objects (Let's Play Omsi)

Credits: Tempo1, Feindflug, Kartoffelphantom und viele andere

Download: Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

VeFans Bus - 18 Meters Articulated Bus

Submitted on March 4, 2018

Description: VeFans Bus - 18 meters articulated bus

Credits: DL3D Studio, Mokas (bbs.18wos.org)

Download:  http://sharemods.com/n6y0wpo9rp8r/VF18.zip.html

Do NOT reupload!

Mercedes Benz Citaro Facelift UK

Submitted on February 19, 2018


This is a modification to the original Citaro. Whilst this is a stand-alone bus, the credits to the original model go to Helvete 3D Studios.
Drag and drop the contents of the OMSI 2 folder in the archive into your OMSI 2 directory.


• Original Citaro - Helvete 3D Design (any relevant parties as well)
• Modification - Lowlander21Studios
Permission was given by Helvete 3D Design on his Facebook page for anyone to edit and upload their own modified versions of his Citaro Facelift.

Download: Citaro_Release.zip (239 MB)