The South London Project: Route 3/N3 v2.8.1

Submitted on June 2, 2018


Drive along the southern section of London Bus Route 3/N3 between Kennington and Crystal Palace via Brixton.
There is also a rail-replacement service between Brixton and West Dulwich Stations via Herne Hill Station.
Route 3/N3 is operated by Abellio London with a frequency of every 7 minutes during peak hours on Monday - Friday, every 3-10 minutes on Saturdays, and every 10 minutes on Sundays. Route N3 runs every 15 minutes at all times.
The map is currently 6 miles in length, however expansion for the next version has already commenced.
There is a small charge of £2.99 for the map. This will give users the experience to receive exclusive updates when the remaining bit of route 3 is implemented.
IBIS Codes:
Route 3
00301 - Crystal Palace to Kennington
00302 - Kennington to Crystal Palace
00303 - South Croxted Road to Kennington
00304 - Kennington to South Croxted Road
00305 - Crystal Palace to Brixton
00306 - Brixton to Crystal Palace
00307 - Brixton, Morval Road to Kennington
00308 - Kennington to Brixton, Morval Road
Route N3
00321 - Crystal Palace to Kennington
00322 - Kennington to Crystal Palace
Railway Replacement Service
00021 - Brixton to West Dulwich
00022 - West Dulwich to Brixton

Credits: RhysDaniel, Rhys-Geoffrey

Download: TSLPV281.7z (218 MB) & corrected hof


By OMSIUK on May 28, 2019

Dear all, I installed the South London Project on my OMSI 2 and I also changed the hof file with the corrected one. I can see the bus maps. However, London buses are not available in the bus choice menu. I checked the logfile and I have the following error message: 428 17:12:42 -  -   Error:           The file "vehicles\Dennis_Enviro400_London\E400_London_Mod.bus" could not be loaded!
429 17:12:42 -  -   Error:           The file "vehicles\Dennis_Enviro400_London\E400_London_Mod.bus" could not be loaded!