OMSI 2 Buses

Volvo Super Olympian with Wright Gemini body

Submitted on March 28, 2015


For both OMSI 1 & 2


Tuning of vehicle and sounds by Naphthalene@HKBF
Sound files by Hw354, PC2872, EG7138
Vollmatrix scripts (original) by Busfanat, modified by AD156


Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse

Submitted on February 1, 2015


7 Paintjobs included:
First, First Park & Ride, Arriva, Travel West Midlands, Burnley & Pendle, Ulsterbus and Bus Eireann


ZF Scripts: Krtz07
Sounds and tune: Lowlander21
Vollmatrix Scripts (original): Busfanat
Vollmatrix Scripts (RHD version): FF3170

Download: Eclipse.rar

Volvo B10BLE Wright Renown

Submitted on January 24, 2015

Description: Sovereign livery & remapped version with texture template

Credits: ad156 from Do not reprint without credits & this link.


Sanos S-115 BETA

Submitted on December 25, 2014


Support OMSI 1.04 & OMSI 2
Doors do not function properly. Even when they do, passengers do not get in properly for some weird reason. I think it has to do with the model alignment (itisn'tcentered). Matrix is missing, but a patch about this will be released soon, even though it didn't come with a matrix of any kind. Lights etc are not done 100%. All buttons do not work. Some do, some don't. Rely on the keyboard if you're going to try this out. This is a very unoptimized and unstable bus. It can crash and it's very heavy on the GPU memory.

System Requirements:
Dual-Core CPU


Thanks to: Wizard, JSP Skopje and the people there
who helped, Kacper & Marko, Elly for the camera,
Balkan-Simulacije, (Forum), and all fans of
Project Skopje - OMSI on Facebook for the support!
Made by: Nemorosus & Wizard (Original Model)

Download: Sanos S_115_S_200_June .rar (243 MB)


Submitted on June 11, 2014

Credits: Aleksei2506, Lion, il_8

Download: MAZ-105_060.rar 

Citylaz HD 3-Door Bus

Submitted on June 3, 2014

Description: New Ukrainian bus from Vitaly.L

Credits: Vitaly.L

Download: (91.8 MB)

LAZ A141

Submitted on June 2, 2014

Description: The Lviv Bus Factory (LAZ) was founded in 1945 in Ukraine.
The A141 (also known as A141 Liner 9) is a 9 m long bus for urban, suburban and interurban lines. It was introduced in 2006. It's successor is the A141 Liner which was introduced on 29th May 2012.

Credits: 3D model: Himmel, Vitaly.L.
Conversion: Vitaly.L.
Sounds: DarkWolf

Download:  LAZ-A141