OMSI 2 Buses

VeFans Bus - 18 Meters Articulated Bus

Submitted on March 4, 2018

Description: VeFans Bus - 18 meters articulated bus

Credits: DL3D Studio, Mokas (


Do NOT reupload!

Mercedes Benz Citaro Facelift UK

Submitted on February 19, 2018


This is a modification to the original Citaro. Whilst this is a stand-alone bus, the credits to the original model go to Helvete 3D Studios.
Drag and drop the contents of the OMSI 2 folder in the archive into your OMSI 2 directory.


• Original Citaro - Helvete 3D Design (any relevant parties as well)
• Modification - Lowlander21Studios
Permission was given by Helvete 3D Design on his Facebook page for anyone to edit and upload their own modified versions of his Citaro Facelift.

Download: (239 MB)

VOLVO B10M Bi-articulated bus

Submitted on January 8, 2018

Description: VOLVO B10M Bi-articulated bus

Credits: Sergio Guilherme

Download: (197 MB)

Setra 415 NF

Submitted on December 25, 2017

Description: This mod brings you the Setra 415 NF as a bus for Omsi.
Two versions: Double Door Front & Single Door Front.

Credits: ARNE.J

Download: Setra_Releaseversion.7z (47 MB)


Submitted on November 24, 2017

Description: Hello everyone, blz? This model was manufactured by Itapemirim between 1985 and 1989, is one of the models that I like. I was lucky enough to travel on it once, and of course it was unforgettable kkkk. It was a bit difficult to do, but it is there and it was done with a lot of dedication and care so that it did not get heavy.

Credits: EDSONV12


Millennium II O500M

Submitted on November 7, 2017

Description: Самая актуальная на данный момент версия мода. У автобуса есть ручная и автоматическая коробка передач. Сам архив содержит несколько модификаций баса.Хостинг: Маркос Элиас.

Credits: Marcos Elias / MEP


Scania Citywide GN14 V2.0

Submitted on November 3, 2017


What's added:
Changed the cash register (Id: 9691 Pin: 1805)
All doors open with the buttons manually
Changed monitor at the driver (near the speedometer)
New sounds added
Installation: transfer the contents of the archive to the vehicles folder if you already had a scan then just agree with the replacement.

Credits: Alter, Morphi

Download: (287 MB)

Hyundai super aero City

Submitted on October 28, 2017

Description: Hyundai Super Aerocity - a South Korean bus of the sample 2014 / in, produced by Hyundai Motor Company. This bus is designed for movement in large cities. Aero City was built on the bus chassis Mitsubishi Fuso until 1994, when Hyundai created its own bus chassis. Aero City is released under different names. Delivered to Russia and distributed in the Far East.

Password: 951753

Credits: Павел Дубровский AND Корейцы