Japan Test Map & ERGA-mio

Submitted on June 12, 2019


※ Postscript
Japan Test Map has a missing file, so it will be updated after updating.

We apologize that the update will be a year and a half.
Thank you very much.
Simultaneous update of ERGA-mio and Japan Test Map.
Tobu bus fictitious [Yes 26] [Yes 27] We changed the course of the Nishimizu source circulation line.
In addition TBCK fictitious (22) number system was added.
When installing a new map, delete the previous Test Map folder, so please delete it.
How to delete is described in ReadMe.

The car body and the map are separate files from this time.
Body: V0.5.8_Isuzu_ERGA-mio.zip
Map: V3.1_Japan_Test_Map.zip

Credits: Kamy February

Download: Click here