Solaris Urbino 12 Electric V2 (PASSWORD CORRECTED)

Submitted on December 31, 2018


"small" mod for SU megapack who add SU Electric
Requires Solaris Urbino - Mega Pack modification for correct installation.
I recommend creating a second folder for SU Megapack and rename it like "Solaris Electric"
Extract everything in SU megapack folder and accept the substitution of files.

Password for archive: 1LL3g4l_m0dd3R

Credits: piotr88010, Marc

Alterr (Solaris BVG, ticketprinter, LCD from Scania), Craher (SU megapack), Sobol (Sounds), Smoke (sunblind, ceiling mod, windows in Jaworzno/Warsaw edition), M&R Software (scripts), Morphi (hybrid patch), Chilco (Electric BVG Texture), Marc (3D models), V3D (air conditioning), piotr88010 (Jaworzno phototexture, textures, 3D models, small scripts, finish and release), Pitoras (R&G Poznan mod), KajotT3D (ticket validators, R&G Font, M12X citybus required!) $ieku (Warsaw Electric texture), Xalion

Download: Solaris_Electric.rar (307 MB) & Patch 30.12.2018 (1.1 MB)

MAN Lion’s City ÜLL A25 CNG Update

Submitted on December 30, 2018


"CNG update"
Textures were optimized due to performance degradation and black / white buses on some
Paths and passenger cab were fixed
CNG tanks only available on CNG vehicles in the setvars
Traction optimization by Adam is integrated
Other things

Credits: manlcfamily

Download: (442 MB) & Fonts.rar (237 KB)

Römerberg V3.2

Submitted on December 13, 2018


One of the best OMSI 2 maps.

Up to 400 km, 16 routes. Combining rural areas, cities, highways and mountain roads.

Credits: nightcab

Download: Part I (125 MB) Part II (178 MB) Hotfix (110 KB)


Submitted on December 12, 2018

Description: Hello staff this time we are bringing to you another beautiful bus EDSONV12 made by the guy a lot and this manja ves it presents to the guys COMIL CAMPIONE 3.65 O 400 RSD
is very show that car congratulations to the author, download and good personal game.

Credits: EDSONV12

Download: COMIL_CAMPIONE_3.65_O-400_RSD_BY_EDSONV12.rar (117 MB)


Submitted on December 12, 2018

Description: Hi everyone, I present to you my third launch, the Tecnobus Tribus 4, which was manufactured by Itapemirim from 1995 until 1999, it has a design based on the Mercedes-benz Monobloc O-400 RSD, but it was not plagiarism. The package contains various versions, with the chassis:
Tecnobus T.23 (version without air conditioning, with Mercedes OM355 / 6LA, OM447LA and Scania 112);
Tecnobus M.33 (air-conditioned version, only with Mercedes OM447LA);
Tecnobus S.24 (air-conditioned version only with Scania 112).

Credits: EDSONV12

Download: TECNOBUS_TRIBUS_4_by_EDSONV12.rar (192 MB)

Omninsk v4.1 County Map

Submitted on December 10, 2018

Description: A Russian county map.

3 Line: 00300 Route: 01\02 Ziel: 103\104
5 Line: 00400 Route: 01\02 Ziel: 103\102
13 Line: 01300 Route: 01\02 Ziel: 201\102
106 Line: 10600 Route: 01\02 Ziel: 301\101
112 Line: 11200 Route: 01\02 Ziel: 401\101

Credits: Max

Download: Omninsk_v.4.0.rar (198 MB) & Omninsk_4.1.rar (Patch v4.0 -> v4.1) (45 MB)

MAN Lion's City A21 3-Door PL 1.01

Submitted on November 5, 2018

Description: After a long time since I started to fumble with the model, today it is released, we have 2 versions, with D2066 and Voith, EEV and Euro 6 engines. The vehicle is standalone - it does not require a stand.

List of changes with the original model:
* Addition of 3 doors
* Replacement of seats on Kiel Ideo with SU Alterra
* Adding a monitor over the head of the driver with a view of the 3rd door
* Addition of CG and doorbell
* CG behaves in a real way, after disconnecting it does not close the door
* Addition of many new sounds
* 3 new setvars for split glass (Aragoka), CG for outdoor and small or large mirrors
* Addition of a built-in cabin (also Aragoka)
* Exchange of displays for Pixel LEDs
* Replaced doors with terrible, badly made V3D on those from Lion's MVG
* Definitely improved camera settings, built-in cabin does not bother, the first view to the right is slightly on the mirror, the second on the door, the third on the mirror backwards, the monitor and the mirror right.
* And a few other smaller details

Credits: Sobol, Aragok, Goppel, DaMace, ShitHappens, Raves, Automat

Download: Mirror1 Mirror2 (584 MB) & Hotfix