NEOMAN Overhaul by Sobol 1.2 (MAN Lion's City & Neoplan N45xx)

Submitted on June 16, 2019


Available in this version of the package we have 26 different MAN Lion's City A21 and A37 versions (the latter temporarily only in the hybrid version), and Neoplanów N4516, and midików MAN-Goeppel A76 in 2 versions of 9.55m and 8.61m, which were made in such a way that physics is correct in them. There are dedicated Polish and German versions. We have different variants of Euro 3 (stylized for the early 2005 year), Euro 4 (for the year 2007), EEV (for the year 2011), as well as Euro 6 ('jets', or also called 'cricket' for 2017), there are also realistic versions of CNG natural gas available. All versions in the package have their character, of course mainly due to the sounds, but here I focused on the details - there are mapped differences such as other doors, other engine bodies, seats, the desktop in Euro 3 is an older version, various other sounds, each realistically recorded for a given version.

Relative to the original V3D model has changed so much that it seems as a separate vehicle and not modifications, basically changed 90% of the original, starting with scripts: altered on-board computer, added CG with the option of photocell, by model going: new cabin, door, seats, floor, walls, ceiling, driver's window, desktop, new types of air conditioning; texture, where the biggest difference is the newly textured body which looks much nicer now; on the sounds ending where they were all changed to new and / or better.

Credits: Sobol

Download: NEOMAN Overhaul by Sobol 1.2.rar (1.90 GB)

Cayuga USA 0.7.6 Beta

Submitted on June 14, 2019


This is a fictional US State that would be located between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In this map, you'll notice that most (if not all) of the routes here serve their own purpose, including (but not limited to) connecting a suburban town to the main city, or transporting the locals around their town.
Whether you want to drive a corner-to-corner urban route, a super limited BRT route, a long distance commuter express route, or even kick it into very low gear and do a park and ride shuttle, the Cayuga USA map has it all.
You'll have to select "load map without buses" before you load the map the first time in order for it to show up in the menu.

Credits: Dash5155


Required maps are:

Japan Test Map & ERGA-mio

Submitted on June 12, 2019


※ Postscript
Japan Test Map has a missing file, so it will be updated after updating.

We apologize that the update will be a year and a half.
Thank you very much.
Simultaneous update of ERGA-mio and Japan Test Map.
Tobu bus fictitious [Yes 26] [Yes 27] We changed the course of the Nishimizu source circulation line.
In addition TBCK fictitious (22) number system was added.
When installing a new map, delete the previous Test Map folder, so please delete it.
How to delete is described in ReadMe.

The car body and the map are separate files from this time.

Credits: Kamy February

Download: Click here

Bus Driver Equipment

Submitted on June 9, 2019

Description: This mod adds a cigarette pack and optional cola or coffee. 

Installation please refer to readme.txt

Credits: Arne J.

Download: Busfahrerequipment.7z (4.9 MB)

Map Minas Vale Urbano

Submitted on June 1, 2019

Description: Version 1.0 contains 12 lines. Version 1.2 contains 17 lines and MUST have v1.0 installed.

Credits: andree262


Version v1.0 (484 MB) & hof for v1 (14 KB)

Version v1.2 (144 MB) & hof for v1.2 (41 KB)

CAIO Mondego II / Mercedes Benz O500U

Submitted on May 30, 2019

Description: Hello folks, a few months ago Douglas Vicente has released an edition for this model of RKC.
I trusted this issue to deliver mine. It is a Caio Mondego II, in a "fictional" version,
but not too far from reality. I did face, back and forth almost completely,
with the exception of the booth, panel and entre.

Credits: FLD_BD

Download: Caio_Mondego_II-O500U-FLD.rar (141 MB)

OMSI 2 MAP VALE DO AÇO v2.0 (Password Updated)

Submitted on May 28, 2019


Password: valedoaco2

Credits: Eudes Santos Gamer

Download: Mapa+Vale+do+Aço+V2.0.rar (1.36 GB)